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Feast of seafood and local Filipino dishes during our lunch stopover at Matutina’s in Urdaneta, Pangasinan. Matutina Seafood House Lunch at Matutina’s Seafood House Pork skewers Fried crispy shrimp Pinakbet with chicharon and ampalaya Grilled Bangus (m
After check-out at Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, we continued our journey north to the town of Bacnotan, La Union. We spent the morning, hiking around the eco-trail at the “La Union Eco-trail” by Holcim Philippines, Inc. The thought of trail hiking and
After the long 5-hour drive to La Union province from Batac, Ilocos Norte, we arrived at the lavish reception of Thunderbird Resort Poro Point. I’ve heard about this resort in San Fernando, La Union before. Other travelers who’ve visited Thunderbird Re
Here goes my three-week solo backpacking trip to Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. I spent a couple of months cooped up at home so I can save money for this trip along with many others I had planned this year. It was finally time to implement my plans a
Here is what I packed on a three week backpacking trip to Malaysia and Indonesia. Places I traveled to included a mix of cities, mountains, and beaches. I would pack similarly if I were traveling anywhere else in South East Asia given that this region
My curiosity to see the southern half of mainland Palawan led me to the Tabon Cave Complex in Quezon town. Tabon Cave Complex in Lipuun Point is the domain of the Tabon Man, known as one of the earliest human inhabitants in the Philippines. Despite the
With all the unbelievably beautiful islands sprinkled off the coast of El Nido, the idea of spending each waking day out on island hopping tours is nearly irresistible. It was true for me during my first-time visit. I didn’t tire spending two full days
One dandy Wednesday morning, me and the Lakbay Norte gang had breakfast in Malacañang. Not quite “Malacañang Palace,” the official residence of the President of the Philippines. Neither did we get the privilege to dine with the President himself. I’m r
This is my do-it-yourself (DIY) travel itinerary during my first visit to the southern half of Palawan Island. I only got to visit the Tabon Caves in Quezon town because of my limited time left in Palawan. I spend four days in Quezon town and the remai
During the last week of November to first week of December, I traveled back to Palawan to revisit Puerto Princesa Underground River and El Nido found at the northern half of the mainland. During the first half of the trip, I traveled with my travel mat

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