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After visiting more than half of the Philippines’ eighty provinces and experiencing the overwhelming beauty of my country, It was time to venture out further and travel longer. 2012 was my most extensive travel year yet. I wandered around nine countrie
Apo Island is known for having one of the best snorkeling and diving sites in the Philippines. Emphasis on snorkeling because I haven’t tried (scuba) diving yet :) Most of the Philippines’ 450 species of coral can be found in Apo Island as well as over
The off-road experience on our way to Puning Hot Springs near Clark, Pampanga was one of the most amazing rides I’ve ever done. Before the trip, I had little idea of what to expect since it was the first time I’ve heard about Puning Hot Springs. We sta
After a chill and restful night at The Manor in Baguio then savoring grilled Bangus (milkfish) during the Dawel River Cruise in Dagupan, we found ourselves in Tarlac City. It was Go Kart time! Kart City in Tarlac, Tarlac Our destination, KCT Kart City
Our nature trek along Subic’s Pamulaklakin Trail was one of the more remarkable activities on my travels early this year. The pristine natural scenery was totally refreshing. We even had lunch in the forest beside a freely flowing spring. It was simply
We were about to find out where our tired yet exhilarated bodies were going to get a night’s rest in Ilocos Norte. The organizers announced they were splitting the group in two, each staying at different hotels. As soon as I heard one was going to be P
It was my first time to step foot in Pangasinan. During our arrival, we were welcomed by Dagupan City Tourism office and our good friend, Mica, Dagupan-local and travel blogger behind Our plan for the morning: a relaxing river cruise alo
While walking around the Camp John Hay in Baguio, I was smitten the first time I saw The Manor. I wasn’t able to go inside but I remembered fantasizing about staying at that particular hotel after seeing the its cozy log cabin inspired exteriors surrou
Visiting the Malacanang of the North and teeing off at Paoay Golf Course are not the only worthwhile things to do in Paoay Lake, Ilocos Norte. After breakfast at the scenic lake shore courtyard of Malacanang of the North, we discovered Paoay Lake was a
After an exhilarating experience at Kalinga White Water River Rafting, we traveled for an hour down to Tuguegarao City. It was my second time to visit Cagayan Province. The first time was when I backpacked around Northern Luzon two years ago. We stayed

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