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I couldn’t have thought of a better destination to kick-start my trip around mainland South East Asian than in, drum roll, please …. Thailand!  So cliché, I know, but this country took up the lion’s share of the “banana pancake trail” for a reason: I
I was at the end of my backpacking journey around mainland South East Asia, with one more country left on my itinerary: Myanmar. Myanmar, also known as “Burma,” had only recently become a popular destination in the South East Asian backpacking trail. B
Awesome view overlooking limestone karst jungles surrounding the hidden lagoons of Sohoton in Bucas Grande Island, Surigao del Norte, Philippines. I found out about the “jungle trail” to Sohoton Caves and Lagoons on my fourth day in Bucas Grande Island
What brought me back to Siargao and Bucas Grande Island? That’s easy! These islands were among my favorites in the entire Philippines. For years since my first visit to Surigao provinces, I craved intensely to go back and swim in the crystal-clear emer
The golden spires of the Shwedagon Pagoda reached out into the heavenly twilight. I was caught dazed and breathless by the surreal golden sunset at Yangon’s most popular landmark. For two months that I was traveling around South East Asia (Thailand, La
Sleep evaded me the night before my flight to Myanmar (Burma). I’m always victimized by insomnia attacks whenever I get too excited, or anxious, before going on a trip. In case you didn’t know, Myanmar is not the easiest country to travel in South East
An enchanting sunrise mist trailed over the chocolate hills of Bohol. I was awestruck at the surreal scenery. A sight constantly shown on tourism ads yet rarely seen in person by most tourists. The first time I visited Bohol’s chocolate hills, I was ha
As you might have already guessed, photography is one of the major motivations why I travel. I enjoy sharing photos of beautiful places and capturing moments for my personal pleasure. How I pack generally revolves around my camera gears, which occupy h
Tubigon to Carmen Local commute to Carmen from Cebu via Slow ferry (RORO) and bus. Pilar, Bohol Malinao Dam Sunrise at the Chocolate Hills Staying two nights in Carmen to catch the Chocolate Hills under the perfect sunrise light. Can-umantad Falls Visi
Even under grey skies and rough waters, Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands of Southern Thailand easily captured high ranks on my list of the most beautiful beaches. The ones I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, at least. Like most, I was drawn to Maya Bay (

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