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We were visiting a few islands in Carles and we docked in this peculiar one the locals refer to as Walang Dahon Island (The Island with no Leaves). The island is basically just a tall pile of rocks, it has no beachfront only aqua blue waters framing this desolate place. In one of the corners of the island is the ruins of an abandoned house that looks like it was ravaged by a really strong typhoon / or a fire since the roof and walls have already been stripped. I loved it! Strong emptiness contrasted with the beautiful scenery was very alluring to me.

The midday sun was unforgiving that time. We were about to leave when I decided to take a look at the sky and then I saw a very startling sight. A rainbow shaped like a perfect circle surrounding the sun. It was the first time any of us has seen it happen. Someone in the group exclaimed “It’s the end of the world.” Well, that’s stretching it really but I did feel that it was so strange and unnatural.

When I came back home, I googled about it and found out that the phenomenon is actually called a “Sun Dog” or a "pahrelic circle," It occurs when there are high clouds overhead. These clouds refract the sunlight and conjure this rainbow halo. So much for the end of the world. Here’s another picture I took underneath the ruined roof of the house.