Here’s some pictures during my trip to Taklong Island in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights last May 1 to 3, 2009 and slept in their large dormitory-type rooms.

View of Brgy. La Paz, Nueva Valencia

We traveled from Jordan Port to Brgy. La Paz, Nueva Valencia by renting L300 van for P1,600 round trip and then renting out a pumpboat, which took us to Taklong Island, for less than a thousand RT (I forgot the exact price). We had arranged for the transpo to pick us after our trip to take us back.

Going to Taklong Island

Exploring the Taklong Island a bit

We didn’t get the chance to swim very long because there were a lot of jellyfish on the beach, as in there one every 2 square meters. We dared to swim anyways because we soooo wanted to take a dip but we got off the water after someone in our group got stung by a jellyfish real bad. We had to put vinegar over the site and let her scrub over it with sand to “remedy” her pain. It was also raining that time so I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures of the scenery, instead I entertained myself with shooting other things like this tree dog that we found, which is endemic to Taklong Island:

Just before dusk, we climbed on top of a lighthouse nearby and saw a great 360 degree view of the place. The next day, we went “boating” on the other side of the island so that we could get away from the jellyfish. Unfortunately upon getting there, we not only had to deal with the jelly fish, we also had to be careful we don’t step on sea urchins. It was awful but we had a fun time trying out “jellyfishing,” now I know why Spongebob and Patrick enjoy it so much.