Five days in Umphang, where I enjoyed a very scenic cruise along the Mae Klong River and an overnight trekking tour to Thee Lor Su Waterfall, Thailand’s most majestic waterfall.

Itinerary Overview

  • Chiang Mai
Day 1
  • Mae Sot
  • Chiang Mai to Mae Sot
  • Mae Sot Hostel
Day 2
  • Umphang
  • Mae Sot to Umphang
  • Umphang hostel
  • Umphang Village Center
Day 3
  • Umphang
  • Thee Lor Su
  • Klong River Cruise and Trek to Thee Lor Su Visitor Center
Day 4
  • Umphang
  • Thee Lor Su
  • Thee Lor Su Waterfall
  • Trek and Klong River Cruise back to Umphang Village
Day 5
  • Umphang
  • Umphang to Mae Sot to Tak to Kamphaeng Phet
  • Sukhothai and Kamphaeng Phet
  • Northern Thailand
  • Indochina

Travel date — 2012

Itinerary Notes & Tips

Day 1

  • 10:00am – check out

Chiang Mai to Mae Sot

  • Charter Rod Daeng (Red Truck) to Arcade Bus Terminal – B50
  • Arrival at Arcade Bus Terminal
  • Breakfast food shop
    • Hainanese chicken rice – B40
    • Iced coffee at “Miracle Coffee” stall – B35
  •  Buy bus ticket to Mae Sot via “Green Bus” – B257
  • 12:00nn – Bus arrived at the terminal. Departure from Chiang Mai
    • 1:37pm – Short stop over at Lamphan bus terminal
  • 6:00pm – Arrival at Mae Sot (New) Bus Terminal
    • Ask information office about transport to Mae Sot Town Center
  • Walk from Mae Sot (New) Bus Terminal to Mae Sot Town Center
    • Motorcycle taxi was B50 but I decided to walk since the town center seemed very close looking at my map.

Mae Sot hostel search

  • Check-in at Ban Thai Guest House. single fan room – B150

Around Mae Sot

  • Buy plastic rain coat – B97
  • Dinner
    • Big breaded chicken leg, rice (2 cups) – B60

Day 2

  • 8:00am – Breakfast at food shop near Ban Thai Guest House
    • Pork curry with rice and egg – B25
      • Delicious and cheap!
  • 9:15am – check-out

Mae Sot to Umphang

  • Ride tuktuk to Umphang songtaew parking area – B40
  • Board Umphang-bound songthaew. Wait for more passengers.
  • 11am to 3:30pm (4 hours and 30 minutes) – Ride Mae Sot to Umphang songtaew – B120
    • 11am – Departure from Mae Sot
    • 3:30pm – Arrival at Umphang

Umphang hostel search

  • Check-in at Umphang House
    • Fan bungalow with double bed (Private TB; Free WIFI) – B500

Thee Lor Su camping tour search

  • Book a river raft cruise, trek, and camping tour to Thee Lor Su Waterfall with Umphang House for the next day.
    • Fortunately, there was a group of 5 who also had the same plan as me.
    • I checked one other tour operator aside from Umphang House. The other one did not have a tour planned and it would’ve been a lot more expensive if I went on with the tour by myself.
  • Visit Buddhist Temple
  • Early dinner at Paula’s Corner Pizza and more (beside the temple)
    • Schnitzel with mashed potatoes – B150

Day 3

Thee Lor Su Camping Tour

  • All transportation, food, water, camping equipment and guides were provided by the tour operator.
  • Ride pick-up from hostel to riverside for the river raft cruise
  • Rafting cruise along the Klong River
    • The river was mostly calm with very few weak rapids and no moderate or strong ones.
    • Sai Rung Waterfall
    • Picnic lunch beside a limestone cliff / cave found deep within the jungle
  • Trek from riverside to Thee Lor Su visitor center
  • Overnight camping at Thee Lor Su visitor center
    • Picnic dinner
    • Sleep at Thee Lor Su visitor center

Day 4

Thee Lor Su Camping Tour

  • Short trek from Thee Lor Su visitor center to Thee Lor Su Waterfall
  • Stopover at Thee Lor Su Waterfall
  • Ride pick-up from visitor center to riverside
    • Not provided by the tour operator. We had to convince another group, which rented the pick-up, to let us hitch so we don’t have to trek our way back.
  • Rafting cruise along the Klong River to another point that was more accessible to the main road
  • Pick-up ride back to Umphang village center

Umphang Village

  • Stroll around Umphang village
  • Sleep at Umphang House

Day 5

Umphang to Mae Sot to Tak

  • 6:30am – Check-out at Umphang House
  • Ride songthaew from Umphang to Mae Sot – B120
  • Drop off at Mae Sot City Center
    • Should’ve dropped off at the terminal beside the market, where shuttle vans to Tak were stationed. Unfortunately, I didn’t know and dropped way past, so I had to ride a tuktuk back – B30
  • Ride shuttle van from Mae Sot to Tak – B88
  • Arrival at Tak Bus Terminal
  • Lunch at Tak Bus Terminal
    • Fried rice with chicken – B30