It’s been almost three years actually that I’ve used SmartBro as my internet provider. I pay P999 every month for my unlimited internet at 384kps, which is actually a bit lame and more pricey compared to internet access in other countries. I’ve hang on with them for so long because their line is, I think, the most reliable IP in Iloilo City. My friends have had experiences with Bayantel, PLDT myDSL, and Globelines, and they said their internet access have hiccups from time to time.

The installation time of Smart Bro was quick! It was setup after a few days of application and their support team also responds very timely. Even during strong typhoons, my connection doesn’t flinch.

There was a time lately that I lose my connection even during a hint of rain. I complained about it and the support people came over to check out my antenna/canopy the day after. They had to extend the height of my antenna because they said a tall tree was blocking the signal (lol). I had it extended from 10ft to 20ft for P700+ (GI Pipe = P300+, 1KG Wire = P40+, Service Fee = P400+).

I just hope they increase their bandwidth soon, they’ve not upgraded for a long time already! 384kbps is really low nowadays, you can’t even continuously view youtube videos with that. I found out from their website that their “plug-it” prepaid plans are already 1mbps, that’s so unfair :(

Payment is super convenient, I just have to go to SM City and drop an envelope with my payment in a computerized payment counter in the Smart Wireless Center. During my subscription to SmartBro, I’ve amassed 34,965 rewards points, which entitles me to a P100 rebate, which is kind of insignificant compared to the total amount that I’ve paid them. I’m thinking of just collecting the reward points for future promos.

If you’re also living in the same area as me – Housing, Mandurriao, Iloilo City, I have my thumbs up for SmartBro