New Beginnings are always a great time to reflect and put one’s experiences into retrospect. A year ago, I had a plan to travel more extensively outside my hometown. I was bent to satisfy my cravings and spent the next twelve months tending to my aching wanderlust. It was a great experience to follow the trail of travelers before me and have the opportunity to make pathways of my own. Now that the dust has settled and I’ve moved past the thrill of the moment, patches of new perspective have come into view. I’ve made many recent realizations, which has helped me to make my prospects for the new year. This photo series entitled “Anti-thesis of Wanderland” reflects my journey and realizations … a perspective of beauty and the grotesque.

Lonely Planet

Death of Idealism

Refuge Under the Canopy

Juxtaposition of a Traveler

Glowing at Unseeming Places

Dark Blooms at its Peak

Malice in Wanderland

The Cycle Begins

Thank you to everyone who has shared this journey with me!
The photos were taken at the Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village in Cagayan de Oro City during My Trip to Northern Mindanao. I was very inspired to capture the “details” of the experience. It’s quite a change from my usual landscapes.