It was time to bid my goodbye to San Vicente and get back on the road enroute to El Nido, a place I’ve fantasized to visit for far too long. My legs were actually still aching from my misadventure at the longest beach in the Philippines the day before and I still had long way to go. From the terminal in San Vicente, I hopped on the van going to Roxas town (P120 fare). The van left at 9:00AM and arrived one and a half hours later in the Roxas Terminal, which is a major transit point in Northern Palawan. I was hoping to catch a bus to El Nido from there but couldn’t find one at the time. The locals told me I could ride a bus to Taytay (P70 fare) and catch another bus to El Nido from there. I was so glad I did because it gave me the chance to take a short sidetrip to the charming coastal town of Taytay.

Riding the local bus to Taytay, Palawan

The Commute From San Vicente to Taytay

Sleepy van/bus terminal in San Vicente

Waiting for a bus at Roxas Terminal

Ongoing road improvement along the highway from Roxas going to Taytay/El Nido

The bus arrived at the terminal in Taytay around 2:00PM. The locals told me the last trip of the Eulen Joy bus line (from Puerto Princesa) has not passed the terminal yet. Great! I still had a chance to catch the bus to El Nido. The Taytay terminal was still a 5 minute tricycle ride to the town proper of Taytay. I was in a dilemma because I really wanted to visit the Spanish-colonial fort in Taytay but transportation going to El Nido was so limited, I would have to spend the night in Taytay, Palawan if ever I missed the last bus.

Spend the night in Taytay? why not. Having to re-arrange my planned itinerary wasn’t a big deal. Having a flexible itinerary makes room for unexpected adventures.

30 minute Speed Tour of Taytay

The tricycle driver dropped me off at the Old Church of Taytay (P10 fare). From there I made my way over to the Taytay Fort passing by a landscaped plaza, which was still being developed at the time. I was impressed! It was so nice to discover how the municipal government was putting a lot of effort to beautify their heritage. Like Cuyo, the town of Taytay is also a former provincial capital of Palawan. The historic Taytay Fort (the Fort Santa Isabel) built in 1667 was used as a military station during that period and named in honor of Spain’s Queen Isabela II.

Road to Taytay Town Proper

Taytay Church

Taytay 2020 Vision

Taytay Plaza

Entrance Portal of Taytay Fort

There was an entrance fee to enter the Taytay Fort (forgot how much it was but it was very minimal). There was also a landscaped garden on top of the Fort. Standing on the fort walls, one could see a great view of the entire town of Taytay and its scenic bay. The town is encircled by hills and in one of the tall ones, there was a hollywood-like sign prominently displaying the town’s name.


Chapel in Taytay Fort

Casa Rosa View

I saw a curious looking establishment in one of the lower hills. The locals told me it was a restaurant called Casa Rosa. I was already running out of time and had to walk really fast coz I knew I’d get a great view from up there. The way to Casa Rosa passes by the basketball court and Taytay Municipall Hall. The uphill climb got me hungry and I remembered I didn’t have lunch yet. Yeah, it happens to me a lot. When I reached the top, I was ecstatic to discover the great view.

Taytay Basketball Court

Taytay Municipal Hall

Taytay OTOP Showroom and Trade Fair

View of Taytay Fort from Casa Rosa

Taytay Island Hopping Rates

Casa Rosa Restaurant

Casa Rosa prepared my order while I was taking photos. Ordered a ham and egg sandwich (P110) for takeout. I thought it was a bit pricey at first but the serving was worth it and good enough for a meal.

At 2:30PM, I was back in Taytay Terminal. When I got there, the locals told me the bus had already passed and left for El Nido. BUMMER! They told me an El Nido bound van was still on its way to Taytay so I decided to stick around at the terminal. Surprisingly, a Eulen Joy liner bus arrived just a few minutes afterwards. THEY LIED! Good thing the bus arrived first because I would’ve taken the pricier van otherwise. All the seats were taken at the bus so I had to stand for half the ride from Taytay to El Nido. It was tiring but as long as I can reach El Nido (for a cheaper price), I can bear with it.

Eulen Joy Bus in Taytay Terminal

Taytay, Palawan Notes

  • San Vicente, Palawan to Roxas Van (1 hour and a half) – P120
  • Roxas to Taytay Bus (2 hours) – P70
  • Taytay Terminal to Taytay Town Proper Tricycle (5 to 10 minutes) – P10
    • About Taytay, Palawan; Taytay Hotels and Resorts
  • Casa Rosa Hostel
    • Ham and Egg Sandwhich – P110
    • Coke 330ml – P25
  • Taytay to El Nido “Eulen Joy” Bus (2 hours) – P110
  • Last trip of buses/vans going El Nido pass by Taytay terminal at around 3 to 4PM. These buses/vans come from the morning trips at the San Jose Market Terminal in Puerto Princesa City. Travel time from Puerto Princesa to Taytay by bus is 6 hours (Puerto Princesa to El Nido).