The Symphony of Lights Show was one of my top things to see in Hong Kong. Actually, just seeing the Hong Kong skyline was already an exciting thing for me. The Symphony of Lights show is a synchronized display of lights and laser accompanied by symphony music, featuring 44 buildings on both sides of the Victoria Harbor of Hong Kong. The show lasts for 14 minutes and starts 8pm daily.

We arrived in Tsim Sha Tsui later than scheduled (thanks to waking up late earlier that day) so we didn’t have spare time to see the other attractions in Tsim Sha Tsui like the Space Museum, Museum of Art, and the Avenue of Stars. It was also raining like hell, so the entire night was quite a bummer.

Me and my camera braved to get a night shot of the Hong Kong Skyline during the Symphony of Lights show even with the heavy downpour of rain. It was worth it anyways … it’s not everyday we get to visit Hong Kong :)

Hong Kong Night Market

After the show, we headed to nearby Mong Kok (Ladies) Night Market  for some shopping. I was disappointed with the night markets in Hong Kong. I was expecting a lot of local brands to line the streets but most of the stores are foreign brands and cheap Chinese knock offs, which is sold everywhere in the Philippines. The only thing I bought that night was a circular polarizing filter for my camera and our day tour of Macau the next day.