If you have time, you’re all invited to see a gallery exhibit by a couple of Ilonggo photographers in Red Steakhouse & Gallery. Spectrum Iloilo will run from May 27 to June 28, 2009. I’ll be posting 3 of my works, I think this is my first photo exhibit, ehh … I was apprehensive at first because I’ll have my stuff posted side by side with other more established photographers in Iloilo and my photos aren’t exactly as remarkable as theirs. My usual subjects are landscapes, not conceptual artsy stuff so I was thinking that my works would pale in comparison and I would spontaneously melt or combust. I agreed to join after discovering that I humans spontaneously melting or combusting might not be a possibility.

Photographers featuring in this exhibit are:

  1. Marcos Caratao Jr.
  2. Reginald Earl Castillo
  3. Gino Chavez
  4. Bill Gange
  5. Christian Evren Lozanes
  6. Babak Niaraki
  7. Nel Jason Sanson
  8. Tara Katherine Yap
  9. Cara Uy

Thanks in advance for supporting us Ilonggo Photographers!