I just recently installed a Smart Bro “Share It Unlimited” internet broadband connection for P999 per month. Smart Bro’s newest unlimited wireless service promises speeds of up to 2mbps and comes with a free HSPA modem, which doubles as a WiFi router. I’m so excited to finally be able to share my experiences now that I have it connected to my home network.

Why I applyied for Smart Bro Share It

I actually have a great Smart Bro Plan 999 post paid connection, which I’ve been subscribed to for 3 years already. The signal in my area is great and I’ve enjoyed its published speed of up to 1mbps (in my experience its mostly around 700+kbps) and I’ve only had disconnections very rarely. Recently, I’ve upgraded to Windows 7 and found out that it does not support the latest drivers of one of my LAN Cards in my desktop computer, which is the internet server here at home. We lost our home network and, as a result, my sister couldn’t use her netbook to connect to the net. This left me with the option of buying a new LAN card with driver support for Windows 7 (less than P500) or a new WiFi router (around P2000+). Good thing I discovered Smart Bro’s new Share It Unlimited service before I had bought a LAN card or a WiFi Router.

What’s the catch, why does it seem too good to be true?

I inquired about the new service in our nearest Smart Wireless Center and asked them particularly what the difference is between my current Smart Bro “Plan 999 Unlimited” and “Share it Unlimited.” I wanted to know if there’s any “catch” … why they offer faster speeds and a free WiFi Router for the same P999 price. The general answer I got was that it’s a great service since for the same price I get more for my P999 per month BUT it’s only available to selected areas covered by Smart’s 3G network. Sound like a good deal to me since my area (Mandurriao, Iloilo City) has 3G coverage and a great signal from Smart since our house is near their cell tower.

What do you get with Smart Bro Share It Unlimited?

True Wireless Service

They added that their Share It Unlimited does not require an antenna (canopy) since the modem receives wireless signals via Smart’s 3G (HSPA) network. This means their new Share it Unlimited is a true wireless service not like the Plan 999 service, which they just claimed to be wireless but (if you don’t have a wireless router) you actually still need cables to connect the canopy to your computer  … You can actually easily bring the new modem with you and transfer to a new location with Smart’s 3G coverage anywhere in your province.

I was told that their modem has a province lock and you have to apply for relocation if you want to use it in another province. You can only have the modem registered in one province at a time and can apply for another relocation every 4 months.

Free WiFi Router

The 3G / HSPA modem doubles as a WiFi Router, which can handle up to 5 connections at a time. The modem also has one port for LAN connections if, like me, your desktop computer doesn’t have a WiFi adapter / receiver. The CSR of Smart told me that only 2-3 connections is recommended as not to sacrifice speed and connectivity. The WiFi Router also has a usable range of about 30 meters.

Unlimited Internet Connection

Share It Unlimited is now post paid … No more limited free hours and additional charges per minute of excess.

Faster Speeds of up to 2mbps

Now we get to the most important part. Does Smartbro’s Share It Unlimited live up to its promise? I’ve done a speed test and got this result: Download speed of 1.61mbps, upload speed of 0.29mbps, and ping / latency of 321ms

It’s not 2mbps but I’m not complaining … for the same P999 price I still get twice the speed of my old connection.

What will you need for the Smart Bro Share It Unlimited?

To apply, you will need to fill up their Subscriber Application Form, Proof of Address (Power, Water, Credit Card Bill etc…), Proof of Identification (Government ID), signed Waiver Form, and initial monthly service fee of P999.

Smart Bro Share It Unlimited has a lock-in contract of 24 months. If you decide not to comply, you will have to pay for the remaining months and P2,500 for the modem / WiFi router.

I hope Smart Bro’s Share It Unlimited will consistently give me a good connection for the whole 24 months. If you have your own experience with this new service, please let us know and leave a comment.

Smartbro Share It Speed Test Update

Did the speed test again and it’s true! Share It Unlimited does go up to 2mbps (1.96mbps was the average speed but it got up to 2.01mbps briefly). I got this speed when I moved the modem closer to the window. Download speeds go up to 250KB/s.

Smartbro Share It Ping Test

Just found out its flaw, which could be a very big deal to a lot of potential subscribers. I get a high ping most of the time. I tried to play DoTA in GG client and the hosts keep kicking me out because I have a ping of 120-140+. I’ll try to find out what’s the problem but I’ll get back to it next week since I’ll be leaving for my next trip (and the last for the year) in Guimaras. Here’s the ping test result that I got: