A walking tour along the Singapore River was what I was most excited about. Singapore is one of those cities where its river has had a significant impact in its history and development into the mega city that it is today.

We would’ve already explored the area along the banks of the Singapore River if not for several mishaps, which offset our sightseeing plans. To keep up with our itinerary, we spent the whole day for a DIY photo walk along the banks of the Singapore River and old streets of nearby Chinatown.

We started from the City Hall MRT station and worked our way towards the Esplanade.

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

Interiors of St. Andrew’s Cathedral

Buildings near the exit of the City Hall MRT

Immaculately clean streets

Singapore Parliament House

A very serious looking building with its slate-gray coat.

Singapore Supreme Court 

Parliament of Singapore Museum

Victoria Concert Hall

Old Supreme Court Building. Last Classical architecture building to be built on the former British colony. 

Darn F1 track structures

The Arts House at the Old Parliament

Old Parliament House

Elgin Bridge. The first bridge to be built across the Singapore River.

Shaded promenade along the Singapore River.

Quaint shop houses of Boat Quay.

View of Singapore CBD across the river

Arts House at the Old Parliament

Helpful maps for tourists

Life-size bronze sculptures depicting “the River Merchants.” 

A Scotsman, Alexander Johnston, is seated, speaking to a Malay chief and a Chinese merchant. 

Fullerton Hotel and the Cavernagh Bridge

Asian Civilization Museum

Cavernagh Bridge

Esplanade Park

Vintage cars exhibit at the Esplanade Park

Singapore CBD Skyline

Fullerton Hotel

Esplanade Bridge with the Singapore Skyline

Durian-shaped roof of the Esplade peeping through the trees

Some angles of the esplanade aren’t very flattering

Nice cable stayed tent-like roof over the open-air stage

Dyatime view of the Merlion

Loved the extemely pedestrian friendly streets of Singapore

Better angles of the Esplanade

The old and the new

The old, the new, and nature

Singapore is a nice place to grow old in

Singapore Flyer

Merlion Park with the Marina Bay sands

That UFO-like structure really caught my eye. It’s part of the new Supreme Court Building. I think it totally ruins the exquisite dome of the old building.

The overcast morning light wasn’t very flattering for a photo walk of the Singapore River. If our initial plans pushed through, I would’ve wanted to visit the area in the late afternoon.

I’ve envisioned taking long exposure photos of the Singapore River’s calm waters being illuminated by the nightlights of the towering skyscrapers. I can only hope that there will be a next time. It was already our last day in Singapore :(

After crossing to the other side of the river, we continued our walk through the busy streets of the Central Business District and then into Singapore’s famed Chinatown.