We spent our second evening yet again at the Merlion Park. I earlier hoped to experience the Singapore Flyer or get a breathtaking view of the Singapore Skyline at night from the SkyPark of the Marina Bay Sands. Unfortunately, both were closed down for private functions because of the F1 night race.

As an alternative, we did a long walkathon from One Esplanade all the way to Marina Bay Sand and the Double Helix Bridge. It was very tiring to say the least but we were able to see a lot of interesting views along the way.

Fullerton Hotel

Singapore at Dusk

One Fullerton

Newer highrises of the Singapore Skyline

Marina Bay Sands Casino and Hotel

Looking towards the Singapore Flyer and Floating Stadium

Esplanade Bridge

Elegant lights of the Esplanade building

Brighter citylights at the Esplanade

Singapore Flyer and the Double Helix Bridge

Singapore at Night

Singapore night lights sparkling like jewels

Marina Bay Sands at Night

Singapore Skyline 

Photo-op with the Merlion at Night

F1 exhibit at the Marina Bay Link Mall

Double Helix Bridge

Half of the Double Helix footbridge was closed to traffic because it was being used as a viewing platform for the F1 night race. Bummer! I wasn’t able to take more night shots of the excellent view from the bridge :(

Anywhere in the city, you could really feel the excitement of the F1 race because of the echoing sounds of the race car engines. Took this video over a crowd of onlookers at the double helix bridge:

You couldn’t see anything unless you had tickets to the viewing areas :(