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Two days discovering the British-colonial heritage buildings and commercial core of Kolkata in West Bengal State of India. Kolkata, historically known in English as Calcutta, served as the former capital of India under the British Raj and East India Co
Six days visiting the ancient temple ruins in the former Siamese capital of Ayutthaya in Central Thailand. The remarkable Buddhist temples were clustered together at the Ayutthaya Historical Park, which was easily explored on foot and by bicycle. Itine
Itinerary Rundown Destinations Details Part 1: Arrival in Thailand Day 1 to 2 Bangkok Iloilo to Manila Flight Manila to Manila Flight Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Bangkok City Center by train Bangkok Hostel Check-in Pathum Wan and Ratc
Two days in Bodh Gaya at Bihar State in Northern India to visit the Mahabodhi Temple, the holiest place on Earth according to the Buddhist faith. It is believed that the Buddha attained nirvana under the holy bodhi tree at the grounds of the temple com
Three months of discovering ancient temples, eating exotic food, wandering around opulent palaces, getting lost in historic desert fortresses, and hiking through beautiful mountain landscapes in South and Southeast Asia. This trip was one of my biggest

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