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Blame my teen addiction to Counter-Strike for the reason why I’ve always wanted to try airsoft, paintball, or laser tag. I finally got my chance when Lakbay Norte went to Baguio for airsoft skirmishes with the Baguio Airsoft Club. I had so much fun pla
The La Union Provincial Capitol wasn’t your run-of-the-mill government structure. Built during the American occupation, the building sits on top of a beautifully landscaped hill overlooking the West Philippine Sea and entire coast of San Fernando, the
Uber cheap flight tickets, booked one year in advance, kicked-off my dream of finally embarking on a 10-week trip to Indochina. This well-trodden backpacking trail passes through countries located in the mainland part of South East Asia such as Malaysi
Straying off course whether on purpose or unintentionally isn’t always a terrible thing. We might feel helpless from losing our bearings but if we keep ourselves open to whatever comes our way, we’re bound to discover that twists and turns make unexpec
Travel date — 2012 Yangon Airport to Central Yangon The tourism information desk at the Yangon International Airport told me I could find the local buses to downtown at the “10 miles market,” which was a 15-minute walk away from the airport. After exit
Aboard the train ride to Hsipaw, considered as one of the best railway experiences in the world. Plus, a two-day photo walk around Hsipaw town, which offered a glimpse of life in rural Burma. Itinerary Rundown Destinations Details Previous Mandalay (Pa
Sneek peak of the gravity-defying Kyaiktiyo Golden Rock Pagoda on my last days in Myanmar. The weather was cloudy the whole morning and most of the afternoon that I was in Kyaiktiyo. Fortunately, the sky magically cleared up at the peak of the golden s
Six days backpacking in Mandalay, Hsipaw, and the ancient cities of Upper Myanmar: Amarapura, Sagaing, Innwa, and Mingun. Just the thought of visiting a place called Mandalay already got me excited, the name seemed so exotic. There were a lot of places
I traveled to Myanmar (Burma) for two weeks and explored the central and northern regions, which were the main tourist areas of the country. Two weeks would have been enough time to comfortably visit Myanmar’s “big four” destinations, which included Ya
I was a bit surprised when I discovered that AirAsia transferred all of its domestic and international flights to Don Meuang International Airport. Such a shame since I was looking forward to transit through the newer Suvarnabhumi International Airport

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