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When I checked AirAsia flights that were available from Kota Kinabalu and saw AirAsia had direct flights to Jakarta, I got very excited. I was finally set to travel to Indonesia, a similarly archipelagic country with almost twice as many islands as the
Jakarta was my entry point to Indonesia. Although I spent 3 days in Jakarta, I was actually there for just 38 hours due to my late evening flight from Kota Kinabalu. On my second day, I explored Kota area, also known as Old Jakarta or Old Batavia. This
I visited Mount Bromo after Yogyakarta on my two week trip around Java Island, Indonesia. Mount Bromo was another “must-see” that I had always craved to visit. It was my first time to come face-to-face with a volcanic crater, which made the trip extra
I went on a five-day trip to Kota Kinabalu and Brunei in Borneo Island on my way from the Philippines to Jakarta, Indonesia. There were a lot of interesting places to visit and things to do in Borneo like conquering the peak of Mt. Kinabalu, exploring
My original major destination on this part of my two-week trip was supposed to be Mount Ijen, a volcano famous for its surreal turquoise-colored volcanic crater lake. Unfortunately, I found out when I was already in Bondowoso that Mount Ijen was, at th
Lakbay Norte 3 finally goes to Kalinga province to conquer the white water rapids of the Chico River. Already tried river kayaking in Tibiao, Antique … loved it a lot! but it was still my first time to experience white water river rafting. I’ve heard
After our spelunking adventure in Bulacan, we traveled further north to Nueva Ecija to try out sport fishing at the Pantabangan Dam. The first time I saw it in our Lakbay Norte itinerary, I was like … sport fishing?!! that doesn’t seem to be as excit
The historic Pinagrealan Cave was our first stop during the Lakbay Norte 3 media tour. It was also my first “real” visit to Bulacan :) Before, I’ve mostly passed by the province traveling through the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). Bulacan is the first
I had just returned to my empty hostel room in a small town in Southern Palawan when I got a call from the North Philippines Visitors Bureau. They broke the news that I was chosen as one of the lucky travel bloggers joining the 3rd edition of the Lakba

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