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Hidden in a quiet neighborhood in suburban Chiang Rai, Thailand was an eccentric art haven full of freakish art installations, infamously and collectively known as the “Black Houses.” Journey to the Black Houses Getting there by public transport was an
I couldn’t have thought of a better destination to kick-start my trip around mainland South East Asian than in, drum roll, please …. Thailand!  So cliché, I know, but this country took up the lion’s share of the “banana pancake trail” for a reason: I
is considered as the cultural and religious capital of Northern Thailand. There are more than 300 temples in Chiang Mai and its outskirts. Many of these temples are of exceptional historical and architectural value and within easy walking distance from
Five days in Umphang, where I enjoyed a very scenic cruise along the Mae Klong River and an overnight trekking tour to Thee Lor Su Waterfall, Thailand’s most majestic waterfall. Itinerary Overview Destinations Details Previous Chiang Mai Day 1 Mae Sot
It seemed like my temple fatigue in Chiang Mai had already subsided and I was ready to see more Buddhist temples. From Umphang, I traveled by bus to Kamphaeng Phet, stayed two nights there, and then continued to Sukhothai. Kampaeng Phet was a royal tow
Like most backpackers who come to the Indochina region of South East Asia, I started my trip in Thailand. I traveled around the northern part of the country for 30 days, which was the maximum length of stay that my free visa on arrival allowed. I didn’
After exploring temple ruins in Sukhothai, I traveled back north towards the Thai-Laos border and found myself in Phrae and Chiang Rai. I broke the long land journey between Sukhothai and Chiang Rai by spending one night in Phrae, a small charming city
What to do on a long layover in Kuala Lumpur? A first timer would have plenty of nice options to choose from: See the Petronas Twin Towers and take a stroll around the KLCC, have a walking tour around Chinatown and sample Malaysian street food, go mall
Three weeks in Chiang Mai, my first travel destination in Thailand and first major stop on my backpacking trip around Indo-china region of South East Asia. The thing I loved most about Chiang Mai was the convenience of life in the city center. Most of

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