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I started my first solo backpacking trip – an adventure to Palawan by taking a long RoRo Ferry from Iloilo to Puerto Princesa City. There are no direct flights between the two cities, the choice was to (1) take the ferry or (2) a connecting flight via
Here’s a little something I wanted to do during my trip to Palawan. I felt during the previous months that I haven’t growing as much as I’d like as a photographer, probably because I’ve shifted my focus on so many distractions. I need to inspire myself
Starting from Iloilo City, I went to Cuyo Island and several destinations in the northern half of Palawan Island including Puerto Princesa City, Honda Bay, Sabang (St. Paul Underground River), Port Barton, San Vicente, Taytay, and El Nido. This is the
Taoist founder Lao Tzu was immortalized by saying “every journey starts with a single step”. Well, that ancient Chinese proverb didn’t exactly apply to me during my recent trip to Palawan. I was out of the house with my overstuffed backpack and enthusi
While on an island hopping tour in El Nido, Palawan, I chanced upon this lonely kayak lying idly on a small beach cove. The setting was perfect! The high noon heat was glaring mercilessly upon the bay with low lying trees sheltering the shore. The shal
I just got home from an amazing trip to Palawan and my first attempt at solo backpacking. I had such a great time exploring the island and took with me a lot of memorable experiences, misadventures, new friends, healthy exercise from walking around so
I was so inspired by solo backpackers I encountered during my to Banaue last April. Even though I’ve been travel blogging for a while, I haven’t actually done a whole backpacking trip by myself since all of my previous travels had involved being with f

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