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Coming out from a long trek through the jungle trail in Palawan, I finally caught sight of the underground river’s mouth. There were no crowds of tourists around, only me the boatman, who was intently anticipating my arrival for the guided tour of the
I stumbled upon Port Barton while I was researching about places to visit for my first solo trip to Palawan. Just the name “Port Barton” instantly got me curious since it sounds very “British,” which is highly unusual in the Philippines. I wanted to kn
Woke up super early to catch the 7:00AM bus out of El Nido, Palawan. My next destination was Port Barton, a small village located in the town of San Vicente, Palawan. While waiting at the terminal for the bus to fill up, I noticed some of the passenger
The late afternoon hours are a major part of my day when I’m traveling. I’ve already watched the sunset at Calaan Beach located past the northern end of El Nido town proper. To switch things up, I hopped on a tricycle (P10 fare) headed southwards to Co
Its day two of my El Nido island hopping adventure. I wanted go on “Tour A” this time. At around 9:00AM, Kuya Jason was ringing my phone … I was already running late and the group I was assigned to (for the day) were all waiting for me at the boat  .
Undoubtedly, the biggest attraction that draws tourists to El Nido are the picturesque islands sprinkled off its coast. I planned on staying in El Nido for at least two full days so I can indulge two different island hopping tours. There are a handful
The daylight was already starting to fade when I arrived in El Nido town proper. It took me a few months to prepare and plan my first solo backpacking trip to El Nido. Like most people, I was initially scared at the thought of travelling alone but I kn
It was time to bid my goodbye to San Vicente and get back on the road enroute to El Nido, a place I’ve fantasized to visit for far too long. My legs were actually still aching from my misadventure at the longest beach in the Philippines the day before
Why go to San Vicente, Palawan? To see Long Beach, reputedly, the longest white sand beach in the Philippines!  When was still thinking about doing a 12-day trip to Palawan I initially only had 3 items on my list: Honda Bay, El Nido, and the Undergroun
Although I didn’t have the best time during the long ferry ride from Iloilo to Cuyo, my excitement shot up when we finally arrived in Cuyo Island. It was finally THE MOMENT! My first time to set foot in Palawan Province and on my way to explore this ti

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