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Our short visit to Putrajaya was one of the most memorable moments during our Singapore – Malaysia overland trip last year. The first time I saw a photo of Putrajaya’s Seri Wawasan Bridge, I was instantly drawn at the asymmetric design and elegant line
The skybridge tour at the Petronas Twin Towers is actually offered for free. The problem was that a limited number of tickets was offered per day. To get these tickets, we’d have to be at the ticket booth really early in the morning. I’ve read that at 
Seeing the colossal twin spires of the Petronas Towers from afar, it was undeniable that we’ve finally arrived in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I had just developed a fascination for modern man-made megastructures, the Petronas Twin Towers h
It was already a quarter to six in the afternoon. At this time, I’m usually scrambling for a good spot to take sunset photos. In KL (and the rest of West Malaysia and Singapore), however, sunsets happen very late in the day. The sky was still very brig
After a quick walking tour of Melaka, we continued our journey to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We waited for bus #17 at the Dutch Square (in front of Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower). The bus route looped between Melaka City Center and Melaka Bus Terminal. Trave
We arrived in Melaka, Malaysia in the dead of night. It was only around 9 in the evening but the city looked like it had already gone past its bedtime. The shady city blocks drastically turned to a new light come morning. Visiting Melaka was more of my
We were on our way to Malaysia from Singapore. There were three ways to go at it: by plane, train, or bus. After weighing out all the options, we decided to take the bus. It was the cheapest option and afforded us the chance to see a bit of the Malaysi
Singapore is a highly cosmopolitan city. I was amazed at the diversity of cultures in its society. I live in an somewhat ethnographically homogeneous place. It was kind of a new experience for me to interact with different races. For our walking tour o
A walking tour along the Singapore River was what I was most excited about. Singapore is one of those cities where its river has had a significant impact in its history and development into the mega city that it is today. We would’ve already explored t
We spent our second evening yet again at the Merlion Park. I earlier hoped to experience the Singapore Flyer or get a breathtaking view of the Singapore Skyline at night from the SkyPark of the Marina Bay Sands. Unfortunately, both were closed down for

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