Day 4: Arrival in Sagada

  • 9:00am – wake-up
  • 11:15am – ETA “GL” Bus Terminal (behind Center Mall), Baguio City
  • Lunch at McDonald’s
    • Burger steak and Chicken burger McSaver meal
  • 11:45am – ETD Baguio. Baguio to Sagada via GL Bus (6 hours) – P205
  • 5:45pm – ETA Sagada. Dropped-off at George Guest House (main)
  • Check-in at George Guest House (extension). The main building was fully booked. Had to ride their service jeepney because the extension building was a long walk from the main street.
    • Fan room with double bed, mini sofa, cable TV, private TB, and hot shower (Room 4) – P300 per night
  • Dinner at Pinikpikan Eatery
    • Pinikpikan (with Etag) and mountain rice – P90
  • Bought Spanish bread (for breakfast) at the sari-sari store next door
  • Sleep: George Guest House Ext.

Day 5: Lumiang-Sumaging Cave Connection

  • 8:00am – Wake-up
  • 11:00am – Walked to SAGGAS Tourist Information Office. Inquired about the Lumiang-Sumaging Cave Connection Tour. Forunately, there was a group who booked a tour in the afternoon.
  • Lunch at Pinikpikan
    • Veggie Etag with Rice – P85
  • 1:00pm – ETD Sagada Town Proper. Van transport to jump-off point.
  • Lumiang-Sumaging Cave Connection Tour
    • 1:05am – ETA jump-off point
    • 1:20pm – ETA mouth of Lumiang Cave
    • 2:40pm – ETA intersection of Lumiang and Sumaging Caves
    • Start Exploration of Sumaging Cave’s underwater waterways
    • 5:00pm – ETA mouth of Sumaging Cave
  • Dinner at Pinikpikan Eatery
    • Pinikpikan again for dinner
  • Bought cinnamon bread
  • Make reservation at Log Cabin for dinner the next day
  • Sleep: George Guest House Ext.

Day 6: Echo Valley

  • 11:00am – Wake-up. Cinnamon bread for brunch
  • 1:00pm – Explore Sagada Town Proper.
  • 1:30 to 4:00pm – Echo Valley walking tour
    • Sagada Church and Centennial Bell
    • Stations of the Cross
    • Hanging Coffins
  • Afternoon snack at Sagada Lemon Pie House
  • Dinner at Log Cabin
    • Tenderloin Beef Pasta – P200+ (not sure)
  • Sleep: George Guest House Ext.

Day 7: Bomod-ok (Big) Falls and Bontoc

  • 8:00am – ETD Sagada town proper. jeepney ride to Brgy. Aguid
  • 8:15am – ETA Brgy. Aguid jump-off point to Bomod-ok Falls. Start trek to the waterfalls
  • 9:15am – ETA Bomod-ok (Big) Falls
  • 9:40am – Start trek back to Brgy. Aguid
  • Home made Yogurt (plain)
  • Walk back to Sagada Town Proper (no commute options available at the time)
  • 1:20pm – ETA Sagada Town Proper
  • 1:25pm – ETD Sagada. Ride jeep from Sagada to Bontoc, Mountain Province (30 minutes)
  • 2:55pm – Walking tour of Bontoc Town Proper
    • Rizal Park
    • Mountain Province Provincial Capitol
    • Bontoc Museum
    • Hanging Bridge over Chico River
  • 4:30pm – ETD Bontoc. Ride jeepney back to Sagada
  • 5:15pm – ETA Sagada
  • Sunset at Echo Valley
  • Sleep: George Guest House Ext. Pay for 4 night stay – P1,200

Day 8: Back to Manila

  • Sagada to Baguio Bus (6 hours) – P220
  • Baguio to Manila Bus (6 hours) – P440

Total money spent on Mt. Pulag and Sagada Experience for 8 Days – P8,322.5

Itinerary dated March 2011