The first time I’ve been to Boracay was during the summer of 1993 when I was 6 years old and year after year, my family would never fail to go to the island. I’ve had many fond memories of Boracay and I was able to witness how the island started to fill up with tourists and hotels. There was a time in highschool when I got tired of going to Boracay and opted to spend my time with my classmates instead.

Buruanga Sunrise

Buruanga Sunrise

At first I wasn’t planning of going there but I decided to go there since I was in Libertad Antique at the time and Bora Boracay (people should totally learn how avoid the term Bora) is only 1-2 hours away and one of my classmates is working there and I was excited to pay a visit. It was my first time to pass by the towns in the western coast of Aklan like Buruanga. The scenery struck me and I found it beautiful, I was shocked to find out there were also white sand beaches in some parts of the mainland.

Caticlan Port Terminal

Caticlan Jetty Port

Boracay has certainly changed a lot. There’s just so much to go to and do in the island but I didn’t get to do a lot since most of the time I was alone and it would be a waste to spend on things and not be able to share the experience with my friends.

Paraw in Bora

Sailboat in Station 3

Perfect lounging spot

A great spot to “hang” around … oO.


Somewhere in Station 3


Caught Ati Children playing in Balabag Beach.

Discovery Shores

You can tell if its Station 1 because the place looks more exclusive

Tables at the beachfront


Evian is NAIVE spelled backwards

I spent most of my time exploring the island and going from hotel to hotel to collect data for a directory of Boracay Hotels and Resorts for Explore Iloilo. I wakled from Station 3 to Station 1 a couple of times.

Discovery Shores

Some resorts i took pictures of

Discovery Shores

Rec Coconut

Discovery Shores

Boracay Mandarin

Boracay Spa

I was also able to visit Mt. Luho, which offers a great view of Boracay. I was able to see the developments in Boracay, which I didn’t expect to have reached that level. There’s just so many hotels and resorts cramped in such a tiny island.

Mt Luho View

Mt Luho View

Mt Luho View

Mt Luho View

Mt Luho View

Enjoying the view

I went with my friend who works in one of the resorts in Boracay

Over all I had a great time in Boracay. It is still an excellent beach and a great place to go. I disagree with many people who say Boracay has become a dumpsite, the pollution is still relatively acceptable.

A glance of paradise

That’s me feasting my eyes on the beautiful scenery

Next up is my trip to Kalibo to visit my relatives and take some pictures around town with Vince, the guy behind Explore Aklan