I’ve been using a PLDT MyDSL internet broadband service for quite some time now.

I made the switch since my previous Smartbro’s Share-it connection deteriorated. Smartbro was running fine at first but I’m guessing their network got overloaded in my area as subscriber numbers base grew too much. Anyways, I’m very satisfied with PLDT MyDSL’s reliable service at the moment and was very excited when they released a new WIFI Modem, which is PLDT’s first modem-and-Wi-Fi router-in-one.


It’s perfect since we share the internet connection at home among a few PCs. When I got the WIFI Modem unit, it was so easy to install since it’s a plug-and-play device (no need to deal with the technical process of setting it up). I just connected the modem to the PLDT line, plugged the LAN cable from my PC, and everything was already running perfectly.

The modem also has a built-in WIFI router, which is just what I needed. Now, I can connect my netbook to the WIFI network and make my blog posts from anywhere around the house. I sometimes even go out of the house so I can work on a more “outdoor setting.” It’s much more liberating than spending most of my day cooped up in my room.

Securing the WIFI connection was also very easy, I just had to type in the IP address of the WIFI Modem ( in my browser, type in the default admin log-in details, and then create a WEP Key password.

PLDT MYSDL WIFI Modem Features

  • Plug and play device just like the regular myDSL modem
  • WIFI range is up to 25 meters
  • 4 port hub for LAN connections
  • Priced at P2,200 for plans 990 and 1299 and P1,000 pesos for high speed plans: 999/ 995/ 3000
  • Ultra sleek black design

If you’re interested to acquire a unit, just inquire at your preferred PLDT office.

PLDT MyDSL Speedtest

We’re subscribed to PLDT MyDSL’s XCEL 3000 Plan promising speeds of up to 3.0 Mbps. Indeed, PLDT holds up to its promise giving me average download speeds of 3.1x Mbps or around 350-375 KB/s. Best of all the internet connection is very reliable, I’ve not noticed any network disruption yet.

I give PLDT MyDSL two thumbs up!

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