These past few weeks, life has been quite busy especially due to school. My viewers at surely have noticed that I haven’t updated it for a long time already. Well, things are going to change come September. My “school schedule” will start clearing up since our clinical duty would already be finished for the semester. Thank goodness for that!

By then, I’d have more time to go around Iloilo and collect more content for my posts. I’d also have more time to visit other places besides my hometown. In fact, as a requirement for our Management Class, we (me and my groupmates) will be visiting Bacolod to make an organizational study on the Regional Hospital there (named Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital). I’ll probably be staying in Bacolod on September 2 – 4 (even longer if time permits).

I’m no stranger to Bacolod. When I was too young to go to school, I spent my childhood there with my lolo, lola, and other relatives. My last visit to Bacolod was April of this year, just in time for the Panaad Festival. I was actually more interested to visit the newly opened SM City Bacolod. I have already been to the Panaad Festival before. My trip was fun but medyo bitin because I only spent one night there.

This time, we are planning to spend 3 days in Bacolod. It’ll be a new experience for me because I’ll be staying at my friend’s house and I’ll visit more of Bacolod’s hangout places aside from the usual tourist destinations. I’ve already fulfilled some of my “TO DOs” in Bacolod like:

  • Eat at Calea (the blueberry cheese cake, as eric recommended, was just heavenly)
  • Go to the top floor of Bacolod’s tallest building (PNB)
  • Visit SM City Bacolod

But there’s still more unchecked in my list like:

  • Nightout in Goldenfield Complex
  • Eat at Cafe Bobs

I have to think of more things to do so my visit will be more worthwhile. If someone out there knows of things I can add to the list, by all means do so!

After the Bacolod trip, I might be hitching a ride on another group in our section, who are planning to go to Aklan … BORACAY, here I come! I’ll post more about that later, hehe.