There’s no other place in the Philippines (and even South East Asia) that captures the image of an exotic tropical paradise better than Palawan Province, at least to my knowledge. Palawan is HUGE with a various destinations that will take months to fully explore. This summer, I’m set on traveling to Cuyo Town located in the middle of Sulu Sea between the main islands of Palawan and Panay. Cuyo was heavily popularized by the movie, Ploning, and Amanpulo Resort, one of the most expensive resorts in the Philippines with rates over $1000/night. Of course, I’m not rich enough to stay in Amanpulo but with 45 islands composing the town of Cuyo, there are many other beautiful islands to visit.

I’ve been to Caluya, a similar group of islands in Sulu Sea located further north of Cuyo, and I was very impressed with the beauty and preservation of marine resources in this part of the Philippines. I’m expecting Cuyo will be similar or even more spectacular since it’s further down the midst of Sulu Sea. Aside from the sightseeing of island attractions, I wish I could get a taste of sea urchins locally called “Tirik” again, can’t get enough of them.

Cuyo will be my first destination in Palawan and then I’ll be heading to Puerto Princesa City, the capital of the province for a couple of days.


I was already able to visit Cuyo, Palawan already, check out: A Day in Cuyo Island