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We spent five days for our do-it-yourself trip to Singapore and Malaysia. We spent the first three days in Singapore and then crossed over to Malaysia on the second part of our trip. From the Philippines, we took off from Clark International Airport, P
Malaysia and Singapore are definitely way up my list of places to visit in South East Asia. I’ve always considered these places as the two most progressive countries in this part of the world. Being a self confessed “urban development junkie,” sparks o
Postings at Ambot-ah have been slooow, if not stagnant, for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been away from home since the second week of September doing a series of week long trips. Between doing the actual travel schedule of the day and planning for th
One of my planned trips in September is a four day visit to Singapore and Malaysia. I’m so excited since it’ll be my first time going there … well, I haven’t gone out of the country a lot to begin with :) It’ll be a four day trip from Singapore to Kual

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