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These are some budget and expenses notes on my 5-day trip to Singapore and Legoland Malaysia. To start, I haven’t actually tallied the exact totals because each in our group had varying contributions on shared expenses but I will try to estimate how mu
What Singapore Bank gives the best rate when withdrawing from a Philippine Peso ATM account? On my 5-day to Singapore and Legoland Malaysia, I made two ATM withdrawal transactions using my Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Peso ATM (Debit) Card. The
Traveling is not measured by the distance one moves, but by how much one learns and the remarkable people one meets. I didn’t go on adventures as often last year as I did in 2012 but the crazy experiences and interesting people that I met more than mad
Three months of discovering ancient temples, eating exotic food, wandering around opulent palaces, getting lost in historic desert fortresses, and hiking through beautiful mountain landscapes in South and Southeast Asia. This trip was one of my biggest
We were on our way to Malaysia from Singapore. There were three ways to go at it: by plane, train, or bus. After weighing out all the options, we decided to take the bus. It was the cheapest option and afforded us the chance to see a bit of the Malaysi
Singapore is a highly cosmopolitan city. I was amazed at the diversity of cultures in its society. I live in an somewhat ethnographically homogeneous place. It was kind of a new experience for me to interact with different races. For our walking tour o
A walking tour along the Singapore River was what I was most excited about. Singapore is one of those cities where its river has had a significant impact in its history and development into the mega city that it is today. We would’ve already explored t
We spent our second evening yet again at the Merlion Park. I earlier hoped to experience the Singapore Flyer or get a breathtaking view of the Singapore Skyline at night from the SkyPark of the Marina Bay Sands. Unfortunately, both were closed down for
I was excited to spend the day at Universal Studios Singapore. … so weird for me to look forward to visiting a theme park. We took the MRT to the Harbourfront Station and walked to the ticket counters at the 3rd level of VivoCity Mall. Paid the admis
We left the hostel at a quarter before 6PM. I wanted to spend the sunset / dusk at Singapore’s most iconic landmark, the statue of the Merlion found at the mouth of the Singapore River. Got off at the Raffles Place MRT Station and started walking towar

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