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Thousands of ancient Buddhist temples and structures of various grandeur and state of disrepair were scattered across Bagan’s scenic riverside plains. Here are the temples I visited during my four day trip to Bagan, my favorite destination inMyanmar (B
30+ photos from five days in Upper Myanmar: Bicycle tour in Mandalay, scenic train to Hsipaw, and adventures at the ancient cities of Mingun, Amarapura, Innwa, and Sagaing. Yet another long night bus brought me to Mandalay, 3rd stop on my 14 day backpa
The sky was shrouded by pitch black darkness when our night bus arrived in Bagan (from Yangon) around 3am. Day 1 Arrival in Bagan, Myanmar I didn’t bother to book a hostel room beforehand. After arrival, my “game plan” was basically to get on a pick-up
I was at the end of my backpacking journey around mainland South East Asia, with one more country left on my itinerary: Myanmar. Myanmar, also known as “Burma,” had only recently become a popular destination in the South East Asian backpacking trail. B
The golden spires of the Shwedagon Pagoda reached out into the heavenly twilight. I was caught dazed and breathless by the surreal golden sunset at Yangon’s most popular landmark. For two months that I was traveling around South East Asia (Thailand, La
Sleep evaded me the night before my flight to Myanmar (Burma). I’m always victimized by insomnia attacks whenever I get too excited, or anxious, before going on a trip. In case you didn’t know, Myanmar is not the easiest country to travel in South East
The sight of the gravity-defying Golden Rock at the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo in Myanmar is believed to be enough of an inspiration for any person to turn to Buddhism. According to legend, a strand of the Buddha’s hair was used to balance the Golden Rock,
Every time I review this photo, I always feel prey to a sudden surge of emotions. If I ever had a moment of supreme bliss, it would this one: the life-endagering pick-up truck ride down the scenic winding roads of Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar. It was the perfect
After visiting more than half of the Philippines’ eighty provinces and experiencing the overwhelming beauty of my country, It was time to venture out further and travel longer. 2012 was my most extensive travel year yet. I wandered around nine countrie
Travel date — 2012 Yangon Airport to Central Yangon The tourism information desk at the Yangon International Airport told me I could find the local buses to downtown at the “10 miles market,” which was a 15-minute walk away from the airport. After exit

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