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A solo traveler’s day hike from Ngadas to Cemoro Lawang village in East Java, Indonesia: Magnificent views of the Savanna and Sea of Sand at the caldera of Mount Bromo Volcano. I wanted to say that this solo hike was one of the “craziest” things I had
Featured photos from my overnight homestay and hiking experience in Ngadas Village near Mount Bromo Volcano in East Java Island, Indonesia. I stumbled upon Ngadas while searching for alternative ways of reaching Mount Bromo Volcano, one of Indonesia’s
I got in touch with my inner NatGeo explorer when I traveled to Baluran National Park in Java Island, Indonesia. I took this photo while stalking a herd of Java Rusa Deer (Cervus timorensis russa). You could tell from their scared beady stares and guar
After visiting more than half of the Philippines’ eighty provinces and experiencing the overwhelming beauty of my country, It was time to venture out further and travel longer. 2012 was my most extensive travel year yet. I wandered around nine countrie
I explored Indonesia  for two weeks during my three-week backpacking trip early  this year. Considering this huge country trumps even the Philippines in terms of archipelagic size, I wanted to take careful thought with my itinerary. I knew two weeks wo
Here goes my three-week solo backpacking trip to Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. I spent a couple of months cooped up at home so I can save money for this trip along with many others I had planned this year. It was finally time to implement my plans a
One handy travel accessory that I brought with me during my last few trips is a new product called Headware. Headware is a stretchable fabric with a tubular shape, much like an elastic bandana. Seems simple right? That’s because it is! and I’ve been us
Yogyakarta, along with Mount Bromo, were tourist spots in Java Island, Indonesia that I was most excited to visit. I wanted to see Borobudur and Prambanan since I consider them among the most visually impressive temple complexes in all of South East As
When I checked AirAsia flights that were available from Kota Kinabalu and saw AirAsia had direct flights to Jakarta, I got very excited. I was finally set to travel to Indonesia, a similarly archipelagic country with almost twice as many islands as the
Jakarta was my entry point to Indonesia. Although I spent 3 days in Jakarta, I was actually there for just 38 hours due to my late evening flight from Kota Kinabalu. On my second day, I explored Kota area, also known as Old Jakarta or Old Batavia. This

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