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Thousands of ancient Buddhist temples and structures of various grandeur and state of disrepair were scattered across Bagan’s scenic riverside plains. Here are the temples I visited during my four day trip to Bagan, my favorite destination inMyanmar (B
These are some budget and expenses notes on my 5-day trip to Singapore and Legoland Malaysia. To start, I haven’t actually tallied the exact totals because each in our group had varying contributions on shared expenses but I will try to estimate how mu
What Singapore Bank gives the best rate when withdrawing from a Philippine Peso ATM account? On my 5-day to Singapore and Legoland Malaysia, I made two ATM withdrawal transactions using my Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Peso ATM (Debit) Card. The
This is a five-day itinerary that I and my family took on a trip to short trip to Singapore and Legoland Malaysia. We were traveling with our parents and two-year-old nephew, so our itinerary revolved mostly around theme parks and enjoying a glimpse of
Traveling is not measured by the distance one moves, but by how much one learns and the remarkable people one meets. I didn’t go on adventures as often last year as I did in 2012 but the crazy experiences and interesting people that I met more than mad
Hidden in a quiet neighborhood in suburban Chiang Rai, Thailand was an eccentric art haven full of freakish art installations, infamously and collectively known as the “Black Houses.” Journey to the Black Houses Getting there by public transport was an
Nineteen days taking a much-needed breather in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and then enjoying the cosmopolitan sights of Singapore, mostly on foot. This was the last leg of my trip around South and South East Asia. I stayed five days in Kuala Lumpur after f
I traveled to Thailand at the start of my three-month trip in South and Southeast Asia. Anticipating a rigorous journey later on my trip, I wasn’t up for a busy itinerary just yet. The thought of exploring the general vicinity of Bangkok at a leisurely
Luang Prabang was my first major destination in Laos. This town is known as a UNESCO World Heritage town and Laos’ premiere tourist destination. I loved wandering around the old riverside district, walking along quiet streets lined with Buddhist temple
Itinerary Rundown Destinations Details Part 1: Arrival in Thailand Day 1 to 2 Bangkok Iloilo to Manila Flight Manila to Manila Flight Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Bangkok City Center by train Bangkok Hostel Check-in Pathum Wan and Ratc

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