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As mentioned earlier, I’ve been AFK (away from keyboard) for a while now. It’s still a busy month of traveling for me. Since I started blogging, it has always been my goal to live the lifestyle of other travel bloggers. To be able to travel extensively
I never expected to be visiting Bacolod City so frequently last year since most of my trips were unplanned decisions. Just before the year ended, an unfortunate circumstance hit our family (father’s side). We had to go to Bacolod to attend our Granpa’s
Two of my pictures taken during recent visits to Bacolod City, Negros Occidental were published in the iTravel Philippines Magazine’s Bacolod City feature  by Mr. Bombette G. Marin. The pictures were of the Lacson Mansion Ruins in Talisay City and the
I was supposed to go to Baras Beach Resort in Guimaras for the weekend with my friend and her classmates. Me and my friend were already prepared to go on with the trip, we’ve already packed our bags and met in the city. Unfortunately, her classmates ba
During the late 1800s to early 1900s, the booming sugar industry in Iloilo paved the way for the migration of affluent families to Negros. These families turned vast idle lands in Negros into Sugar Cane Plantations and Haciendas. Eventually, an interna
It has been barely a month and I’m back in Bacolod, I just can’t get enough of the place. This time, I was with Enrico D. of, Kyle and Ph_Man from, and Edsil, a friend of Eric. We went to Bacolod primarily for the Panaad
Just after my Bucari trip, a few hours actually, I’m out on another trip and this time my destination is Bacolod City. My family and other relatives at my father’s side had a reunion and we stayed at my Lola’s house in Bata. Last time I was in Negros w

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