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After a chill and restful night at The Manor in Baguio then savoring grilled Bangus (milkfish) during the Dawel River Cruise in Dagupan, we found ourselves in Tarlac City. It was Go Kart time! Kart City in Tarlac, Tarlac Our destination, KCT Kart City
Spent the night in Microtel Luisita, Tarlac after our exhilarating Tarlac Go Kart experience. It was my first time to stay in one of Microtel’s properties. Exteriors of Microtel Inn & Suites Luisita, Tarlac, Philippines First time staying in one of
I had just returned to my empty hostel room in a small town in Southern Palawan when I got a call from the North Philippines Visitors Bureau. They broke the news that I was chosen as one of the lucky travel bloggers joining the 3rd edition of the Lakba

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