Seeing the colossal twin spires of the Petronas Towers from afar, it was undeniable that we’ve finally arrived in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

When I had just developed a fascination for modern man-made megastructures, the Petronas Twin Towers held the spot as the tallest building in the world. Getting to see it in person was like a culmination of a childhood desire.

Although I’ve just briefly seen it behind the glass window of the bus and monorail ride, I was already appeased because we were already in KL and I knew it was just a matter of time before I could finally see it up close.

Welcome sight of the Petronas Twin Towers during the bus ride to KL

Bukit Bintang to KLCC

After a successful visit to the Batu Caves, we returned to Agora Hotel in Bukit Bintang for a quick rest. We were soon met by our aunt and uncle, who were based in KL. They offered to guide us through the streets of KL. From Bukit Bintang, we walked our way to the Pavillion Mall, where we had dinner.

On our way to dinner, we passed by the upscale part of Bukit Bintang. We only got to see Fahrenheit 88 and Pavillion KL but this part of Bukit Bintang was filled with a lot of mid to high-end shopping options. It looked like KL’s equivalent of the Greenbelt-Glorietta area in Makati. In contrast, the side of Bukit Bintang where Agora Hotel was located was teeming with the more price-accessible malls.

Fahrenheit 88 Mall. 

Pavillion KL Mall.

Dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen ( Level 1, Pavilion Mall).

Petronas Twin Towers Nightshots

We arrived at the grounds of the Petronas Twin Towers past 11pm. The towers looked beautiful even at night. Despite the looming midnight hour, the tower still sparkled like jewels amidst the dark sky. The night view really brought out the beauty of the twin structures’ star-like footprint.

See the Petronas Twin Towers up close done! We still had another Petronas Twin Tower-related item in our itinerary for the next day: Get a sprawling view of Kuala Lumpur from the skybridge linking the twin structures at the  41st floor.