Here’s a little something I wanted to do during my trip to Palawan. I felt during the previous months that I haven’t growing as much as I’d like as a photographer, probably because I’ve shifted my focus on so many distractions. I need to inspire myself again and not succumb to the vacuous feeling I’ve been having lately whenever I get in front of the mirror, click the camera’s shutter, or take that first step out the door before a trip. For my Palawan Photo Series, I’ve stripped down my photos to black and white, back to basics … raw and natural:

Getting there is part of the adventure

Alone but not lonely

Memories that can last a lifetime

Beauty in the mundane

I raw away yet my day was not so full

Sunlight opened up my eyes

Blindly chasing a feeling I might have made up

My turn on the river styx

The modern wildman

Always waiting for the light to fade

I left home but I haven’t lost anything

Too tired to keep on pretending

You never looked better than the first time I saw you

You’re all washed up, I’m sorry

On and on from the moment I wake, to the moment I sleep, I’ll be there by your side

Nothing is burning here, it’s so so so so cold

I haven’t slept for over a month, I’m a mess

The path to obscurity