Guisi Beach is one of my favorite destinations in Guimaras Island. For most, its main attraction is its excellent beach and clear waters but I like it most because of the 18th century Spanish colonial lighthouse and its enchanting coves and rock formations.

Guisi Rocks 11

Guisi Rocks 8

Their sand is not totally white … more like yellowish, which could be because of the vast limestone deposits in Guimaras. I was surprised to notice their shore getting shorter. I was told by the owner that guys in pumpboats frequent the area at night to collect (steal) the sand in Guisi to deposit it in other beaches in Guimaras. Since they can’t secure the beach all the time, a lot of sand in Guisi has already been taken, which is the reason why their beach has shortened and became more rocky. Nevertheless, everyone can still enjoy the crystal clear and refreshing waters in Guisi.

Guisi Rocks 9

Guisi Rocks 7

Guisi Rocks 5

When in Guisi, you should explore the area at the right side of the beach (best during low tide) since there are many hidden coves, small sandbars, and interesting rock formations. Me and my friends like to go cliff jumping at some of the tall rocks (just be sure to jump in an area clear of rocks).

Guisi Rocks 6

Guisi Rocks 4

Guisi Rocks 2

Guisi Rocks 3

Guisi Rocks

Guisi Rocks and Sandbars

Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort is the main and only beachfront resort in Guisi. I’m so happy to discover that they have greatly improved their cottages and services … most probably because of the increasing number of visitors in the area. They have fan cooled rooms good for four people priced at only P1,000. They also have air conditioned rooms and allow guests to pitch their tents in the resort grounds. We brought our own food, cooked it ourselves, and ordered rice (P10 / cup) from the resort. The resort also serves food for their guests depending on what’s available on the menu. Fore reservations, you can contact Guisi Clearwater Resort at 09195636688.

Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort

Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort 2

During this visit, I was surprised to find out about a new resort, Kenyama Resort, built on the cliffs beside Clearwater Resort. Kenyama Resort is more developed and offers more amenities and facilities. They have aircon rooms good for two people with free breakfast for P2,500. For reservations, you can contact them at 09394276433 or visit their website at .

Kenyama Resort Welcome

Kenyama Resort Exteriors

The view at Kenyama Resort

The view from Kenyama Resort is really nice

Kenyama Resort Terrace

The view at Kenyama Resort

Guisi is located in Brgy. Dolores, Nueva Valencia town, Guimaras Province. Guisi is approximately 45 minutes from Jordan Wharf, Guimaras by land transport (Jeepney / Multicab / Tricycle).

Jeep gong to Jordan Port from Guisi

This is the parking area of the Nueva Valencia jeepney along the highway. There are a number of sari-sari stores if you need to buy food, toiletries etc… From here, you can ride a motorcycle to go to Guisi.

Sari-sari Store near Nueva Valencia Jepeney Parking

Nueva Valencia Jeepney Parked

We rode a Nueva Valencia Jeepney to go to Guisi for P50. The fare to the highway intersection in Brgy. Dolores is actually just P40 but we negotiated with the driver to drop us direct to Clearwater Resort (and skip riding the motorcycle) for an additional P10.


Nueva Valencia Jeep

When I first visited Guisi, this dog was just a cute little puppy. Now it’s all grown up.. aww.. I’m quite sad that it’s all caged up now but as I recall this dog wasn’t very friendly to strangers even when it was still a puppy.

The Spitz in Guisi

Here’s a picture of the dog during my first visit:

and during our my second visit:

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