Awesome view overlooking limestone karst jungles surrounding the hidden lagoons of Sohoton in Bucas Grande Island, Surigao del Norte, Philippines.

I found out about the “jungle trail” to Sohoton Caves and Lagoons on my fourth day in Bucas Grande Island. I’ve always wondered if it was possible and wanted to try it since it was the cheapest way to the lagoons. I was traveling solo and did not want to spend a lot on renting a whole boat for myself, again. Plus, going on a different route seemed more interesting than taking the direct boat from Socorro town proper.

The trail was used everyday by local guides and boatmen stationed at the reception area of Sohoton. One of the locals accompanied me on the 45-minute trek, which coursed over multiple limestone karst hills. We started at Brgy. Sudlon proper, 15-minute motorcycle ride away from Socorro town proper, and ended in Dagatan, a short boat ride away from the entrance “guard house” of Sohoton Cave and Lagoons.

This featured photo was taken on the highest point of the trail during my trek back to Brgy. Sudlon. This time, I trekked alone  after I told my new friends that I was confident I could find my own way back. Fortunately, I did not get lost, though I highly advice getting a guide since the trail forked a number of times.