Just as I thought I would be going back home to get a long rest and start blogging about my trip to Thailand and Cambodia, Aliwan Fiesta 2010, and Banaue, a sudden turn of events came my way and a day after my flight from Manila to Iloilo, I was back on the road again, this time to spend a week in Boracay Island. I was so pumped to visit Boracay again during the summer or peak season. Last time I went there was October last year and although it was also a great trip, visiting Boracay during the summertime is still, in my opinion, the best way to experience this tropical paradise.

Station 1 in White Beach at Noontime

I spent my first few days in Alta Vista de Boracay, a relatively new inland resort sprawled across the hills of the Northern Part of the Island in Brgy. Yapak. This area is where Boracay’s most exclusive resorts are located like Shangri-la and Club Panoly including Boracay Eco-Village Resort, where the Miss Earth 2009 Pageant and Coronation Night was held. Overall Alta Vista de Boracay is up to par with what you might expect in a higher class accommodation. The only drawback is that they do not have immediate access to the beach though that fact is offset by their scenic infinity pool on top of a hill, a private access to Puka Beach, and convenient shuttle service to White Beach.

Alta Vista’s Reception Area and Infinity Pool during Sunset

Alta Vista also has what they call “Island Concierge” for guests wanting to have a hassle free arrangement of the different tours and activities in the Boracay. During our stay, we got to try Parasailing and Paraw Sailing. It was so perfect since we got to do them just in time for a beautiful sunset. I also loved our buffet lunch at Puka Beach and dinner at Waling-Waling resort in Station 1 entertained by firedancers and a fitting fireworks display.

Braving my camera getting wet during our parasailing and paraw sailing time

During the second half of my Boracay trip, I decided to change things up by joining by college batchmates, who were staying at Station 2 in White Beach. Staying at Alta Vista was great but I also wanted to spend some time with my close friends and live the way most tourists would likely take, which is on a “budget”. It was my first time going to this small wet and dry market along the main highway near Station 3. Forget about D’ Talipapa beside D’Mall this market sells seafoods, meats, and other goods for a cheaper price. The locals also call this market “Talipapa,” which is different from D’Talipapa and the “Original Talipapa” in Station 3.

What we did was buy loads of cheap fresh seafood from this market and have it cooked at the resort (or cook it ourselves). Saved us some money for meals at pricey restaurants and spent more on souvenir items and for other activities in Boracay like nighty hangouts at Club Paraw and Guilly’s Island.

Fresh Seafoods sold at cheaper prices at the Public Wet and Dry (Talipapa) near Station 3.

More photos and posts about my recent trip to Boracay soon including my review of Alta Vista de Boracay.