I’m still hung over my travelling spree in October and now, I’m going out of the house again for my next trip to Roxas City, Capiz on December 4-6 for the Western Visayas Tourism Assembly and Sinadya sa Halaran. I still have a lot of backlog travel posts to do and I’m currently finding ways to manage posting them before my planned trips this December.

I’ve been quite busy last October traveling to different places and collecting photos for my upcoming blogs. During the first week, I flew to Manila and stayed there for a week. I bought a 1 week unlimited MRT/LRT flash pass and visited a lot of places in the metro, mostly destinations within “walking” distance from the MRT/LRT stations (and when I say walking, I mean … I walked from the station to those places and not that they were just nearby. I’m not very familiar with jeepney/bus routes in Metro Manila so I feel more comfortable about not getting lost by walking with my handy map). After my week of Manila capped by attending the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards, me and my siblings had a 3 days and 2 nights tour of Hong Kong and Macau.

Exhausted, I spent couple of days back home. I was supposed to go to the Masskara Festival in Bacolod but I put it off so that I can rest and celebrate my birthday with friends and family in Iloilo. The day after, I was packing my bags yet again to spend one week in Boracay with friends. They attended the annual convention of the Philippine Nurses Association, while I was busy exploring the whole island by mountain bike :D

I was happy about spending the whole month of November to finish blogging about my recent travels. Unfortunately, one month was so not enough to review and upload 25+ gigs worth of pictures and write posts (among other things that I do).

Actually, I’m very excited to finally be able to go to Roxas and take pictures of its many attractions. It’s the province in Western Visayas that I have least promoted in my blogs because I haven’t visited it quite as much. Prepare to see many many pictures when I get back home!