We proceeded to our next destination, the famed Ocean Park Hong Kong after our tour of Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak.

I was so looking forward to this place since the only other theme park I’ve visited so far was Disneyland Hong Kong, which I’m not the biggest fan of, and Enchanted Kingdom, which pales in comparison to a theme park of Ocean Park Hong Kong’s size.

After getting off the bus, we bought our tickets at the counters and then started to explore the sights in Ocean Park Hong Kong without a moments’ hesitation. It was unfortunate that it start to rain. That didn’t dampen our mood to try out the rides and see the different attractions though. We started our tour in the upland area of Ocean Park Hong Kong … the theme park was HUGE! It would probably take the whole day to explore everything but we only had a few hours. We had to breeze through the rides and attractions.

We tried out their bigger roller coaster (there’s two of them). It wasn’t so much of a thriller but it was quite exhilarating since it was built on elevated ground. You shouldn’t miss their ride called “The Abyss,” it was such a great adrenaline rush! The ride basically raised us 185 feet up in the air and then dropped us straight down in free fall for 5 seconds.

The Abyss in Ocean Park Hong Kong

The four-storey aquarium (called Atoll Reef) in Ocean Park Hong Kong also shouldn’t be missed since it’s one of their most popular attractions. I’ve seen it a lot in pictures and I’ve always wanted to experience it for myself.

I was actually expecting to go through a tunnel submerged in the middle of the aquarium. I’ve seen it in my mother’s picture during her visit years back. Unfortunately, we didn’t see that during our visit. Maybe we just missed it or it got phased out, I’m not sure. We did get to see the dolphin and sea lion shows in the Ocean Theatre. You can see a schedule of the shows in their brochure. Be reminded of the opening times, since they only allow a limited amount of people iu the Ocean Theatre. You need to be in the Ocean Theatre at least ten minutes early.

It was already getting dark when we got on the cable car, which brought us to the lowland part of Ocean Park Hong Kong. It was also raining heavier. We didn’t get to see many attractions in the lowland gardens like the Giant Pandas :(

And BTW, the food at Ocean Park Hong Kong was quite overpriced … even their McDo was almost twice as expensive as the ones in downtown Hong Kong.

There are buses waiting in the exit of the lowland gardens. These buses take visitors back to the Ocean Park Hong Kong Terminal in Admiralty. We took bus 629 and rode the MTR from Admiralty to Central and then to Tsim Sha Tsui for the Symphony of Lights Show.