I’m currently drooling over the new NIKON DSLR — The D5000. I was walking around downtown when a friend text me that the rumored entry level SLR had already been released, I was ecstatic and wanted to go home as soon as possible so that I can read more about its specs. When I finally got to see a first glance of the new unit, I was way past the edge of my seat and my fingers were tingling, wanting to be able to hold it in my hands.

The D60 was a bit disappointing since it didn’t introduce a remarkable difference from the D40 but this camera not only has a big leap over the D40 but also differentiates itself from other DSLRs in the market right now. It is probably at a level between the D60 and the D90. Here’s some of the features that really got me excited (listed according to level of excitability), being a D40 user and thinking about upgrading my camera in the short term.

  • Vari-angle 2.7″ LCD Monitor (perfect for artsy angles and self-portraits)
  • HD Video
  • Same sensor as the D90 and D300
  • Built-in Dust Control System
  • 12.9 Total MegaPixels
  • ISO 100-6400 equivalent
  • Face detection technology

The hype eventually died down and I got to think about the most important question when buying new equipment – Will this improve my pictures? It’s easy to be caught up in the gadgetry of photography with new stuff being released continually so being a smart consumer is very important since these things doesn’t come cheap. While the new features are uber cool, it will not significantly widen my creative potential. I’ll probably be better off buying more lenses, filters, and a flash.

I’m still eyeing on the Nikkon 35mm F1.8 AF-S DX Prime Lens, a high quality polarizing filter (67mm), any quality neutral density filter (67mm), a decent flash. Have to find where to get the moolah to buy these first.