It’s the new year and it’s time for everyone to remember how their past year was like and what the next year will be. It’s a time of mixed emotions, on one hand, we could be thankful about having lived another year and, on the other, uncertain about the future. My 2008 has been quite bumpy because it was a time of letting go being in school. 2009 will be different entirely since I’ll be finally thrown in the adult world.

I’ve stepped into the new year with a bit of apprehension because of uncertainty on how new changes will affect my life. My life has so far been blessed and I give credit to being lucky and fortunate, I guess. Success doesn’t come as readily in the real world, though, because people have to exert so more effort in order to get what they want.

Since Explore Iloilo has been on the fritz these past few days, I’ve had some time to clean up my room and my PC. I’m currently backing-up files in my hard drive especially my pictures. During the past year, I’ve amassed 10,500Â photos (31GB). I’m feeling a great sense of nostalgia right now reviewing all of them before burning them to DVDs.

I have this album that I put my back-ups.Alongside the DVDs are collages of select photos contained inside them. It’s like a journal of photographs and recordable media :) Here’s a sample of some of them:

I hope I’ll be as happy and fortunate this 2009!