My Vote for the 2009 Bloggers’ Choice Award (Visayas)

I vote for Explore Iloilo! for the Bloggers’ Choice Award in the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards.

Explore Iloilo, over the years, has grown to be of the instrumental forces in promoting what Iloilo has to offer online. It has been a change agent in inspiring other (Ilonggos) to blog, especially about the beauty of their hometown, Iloilo. When the Explore Iloilo started, it was among only a few websites promoting Iloilo. Now, the Iloilo blogging community has grown and many niche sites about Iloilo (food, heritage, events, developments, tourism, etc…) have sprung up that were in a way influenced because of the success of Explore Iloilo.

I thank everyone who have appreciated what Explore Iloilo stands for and voted for the site as their choice for the Visayas Blogger’s Choice Award.