I visited Mount Bromo after Yogyakarta on my two week trip around Java Island, Indonesia. Mount Bromo was another “must-see” that I had always craved to visit. It was my first time to come face-to-face with a volcanic crater, which made the trip extra memorable.

To get to Mount Bromo, I chose an off-beat route, which involved taking a night train to Malang then traveling all the way up to the idyllic farming village of Ngadas, situated up in the mountains. I spent a night in Ngadas before attempting to hike all the way to Cemoro Lawang, the main tourist area at Mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo could easily be “toured” in a half-day trip, starting at sunrise, but I hung around longer because it was very cloudy during my off-season visit and I wanted to see the perfect sunrise view of Mount Bromo. I did not get to experience it, unfortunately, but I did get have an awesome close encounter of Bromo’s summit crater.

I continued my journey to East Java, where I had wild animal encounters at Baluran National Park.

Itinerary Rundown

  • Yogyakarta: Borobodur, Prambanan, and City Center
Day 1
  • Ngadas
  • Yogyakarta to Malang by Train
  • Malang to Ngadas by minibus/motorcycle
  • Ngadas Homestay Check-in
  • In and around Ngadas
Day 2
  • Cemoro Lawang
  • Ngadas to Cemoro Lawang Trek via Bromo Savannah
  • Cemoro Lawang Hostel Check-in
  • In and Around Cemoro Lawang
Day 3
  • Cemoro Lawang
  • Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour
  • Madakaripura Waterfall Sidetrip
  • In and Around Cemoro Lawang
Day 4
  • Cemoro Lawang
  • Mount Bromo
  • Mount Bromo Crater Summit Tour
  • Mount Bromo to Bondowoso by motorcycle/bus
  • East Java: Bondowoso, Baluran, Surbaya
  • Java, Indonesia: Jakarta, Yogyagarta, Bromo and East Java
  • Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia

Trip Date — March 2012

Route Map

Itinerary Notes & Tips

Day 1

Yogyakarta to Malang Train

  • Walk to Tugu Station
  • 11:20pm – Go to the train platform and wait for train to arrive. Make sure you’re on the correct side of the platform.
  • 11:40pm – Malabar Train arrived.
  • Yogyakarta to Malang train
    • Slept during the entire ride

Malang to Ngadas minibus and motorcycle

  • 8:00am – Malang train station arrival
  • Ride angkot (local minibus) from Malang train station to Arjosari Bus Terminal.
    • Ride the blue-colored angkot with the letter “A” on the sign board – Rp3,000.
  • 8:35am – Arjosari bus terminal arrival
    • Breakfast at the terminal
      • Roti (bread) – Rp2,000 (Rp1,000 per piece)
  • Find loading area of white-colored vans to Tumpang
  • Ride van from Arjosari to Tumpang – Rp5,000
  • 9:30am – Tumpang arrival. Drop-off at the local market.
  • Walked uphill to withdraw from ATM
  • Passed by a sign on the highway pointing to the direction of a nearby Candi (temple).
  • Candi Jajaghu (Jago) photo stop
  • Ride angkot from Tumpang to Gubuklakan village – Rp10,000
    • Wasn’t actually sure if the name of the village was really Gubugklakan but it sounded very similar.
    • I asked around in Tumpang. The locals told me there were no passenger 4×4 jeeps that go direct to Ngadas. They advised me to ride an angkot to Gubugklakan, which was located a third of the way to Ngadas, and then look for a willing ojek to take me to Ngadas.
  • Ride ojek from Gubugklakan to Ngadas – Rp75,000

Ngadas Homestay check-in

  • 12:15pm – Ngadas village arrival. Visit homestay that was recommended by the ojek driver.
  • Check-in at Ms. Wichi and Mr. Worionto’s Homestay
    • Single room with complimentary dinner and breakfast – Rp100,000
    • No fan or airconditioning needed since Ngadas during rainy season was very cold at night

Ngadas Walking Tour

  • Lunch at Bakso place beside another homestay
    • Bakso – Rp12,000
    • Java Coffee – Rp3,000
    • The best Bakso, I’d had in my life. Insanely cheap, fresh, and delicious!
  • Photo walk along random trails around the hillside farms of Ngadas Village

Day 2

  • 7:00am – Breakfast at Ngadas Homestay
    • Fried tofu, noodles with vegetables, egg, juice
    • Always loved the fresh tofu and veggies served by Ms. Wichi.
  • Pack bags and check-out at Ngadas homestay

Ngadas to Cemoro Lawang Trek

  • 8:09am – Start trek from Ngadas to Cemoro Lawang
  • Buy bottled water (1.5L) at local store – Rp4,000
  • 8:37am – Hitched a ride from Ngadas to Mount Bromo Savanna (20 minutes)
  • 8:57am – Start trek from the savanna to Cemoro Lawang
    • 12:10am – Reached the edge of the savanna and the “sea of sand”
    • 1:00pm – First view of Mt. Bromo
    • 1:30pm – Arrival at the base of the steep uphill asphalt road to Cemoro Lawang.
  • 2:00pm – Cemoro Lawang arrival.

Cemoro Lawang Hostel Check-in

  • Check-in at Pondok Wisata Homestay
    • Double room (shared TB) – Rp75,000 (Rp100,000 originally but I was able to haggle the price down to Rp75,000)
    • No fan or air conditioning needed since Cemoro Lawang during rainy season was very cold at night

Cemoro Lawang Walking Tour

  • Late lunch at the warung (local eatery) near the bus stop intersection – Rp10,000
    • Mie Goreng telur (Fried noodles with egg) – Rp8,000
    • Java Kopi – Rp2,000
  • 3:00 to 4:15pm – photo walk around Cemoro Lawang village farms
  • Dinner at another nearby warung with yellow paint storefront – Rp15,000
    • Nasi Taman (rice with beef and bean sprout soup)
    • Java Kopi

Day 3

Mount Bromo Sunrise Trek

  • 4:00am – ride ojek to Penanjakan Peak – Rp25,000 (one-way)
    • No sunrise view because of thick mist and clouds covering the entire Penanjakan Peak
  • Photo walk on the way back to Cemoro Lawang (downhill)
  • Ride ojek to Peranjakan Peak again for day time overlooking views of Mount Bromo – Rp30,000
  • Hike back to Cemoro Lawang
  • +1 night at Pondok Wisata Homestay – Rp75,000
  • Lunch at warung – Rp13,000
    • Kentang Goreng (fried potatoes / french fries)
    • Kopi

Madakaripura Waterfall Side trip

  • Ride ojek to from Cemoro Lawang to Madakaripura Waterfall viewpoint – Rp75,000 (two-way)
    • My ojek driver’s name was Juri (085336689836)
  • Dinner at warung near bus stop – Rp21,000
    • Fried noodles with egg
    • Kopi

Day 4

Mount Bromo Crater Summit Tour

  • 6:30am – wake-up
  • 7:00am – walk up to Bromo entrance
  • Gunung Bromo entrance ticket – Rp5,000 (foreigner; adult)
  • Ride ojek to Bromo Crater Summit (15 minutes per way) – Rp50,000 (two-way)
    • Original quoted price – Rp60,000
  • Hike from motorcycle parking area to Bromo Crater Summit  (20 minutes)
  • Photo stop in Bromo Summit (30 minutes)
    • Life threateningly windy at the time
  • Walk back down to ojek parking area
  • Ride ojek back to Cemoro Lawang
  • 8:42am – Pack bags and check-out at homestay