Thank God I found this blog. It’s called Zen Habits and it’s about minimalism, which I define as a philosophy of living life will less. If you noticed in this blog, it’s quite plain and simple. I don’t consider it boring though, I picked this theme because I found beauty in it’s simplicity.

After reading some more of the posts on Zen Habits, I realized that there’s really a lot to improve upon when it comes to stripping down to the essentials and it very much applies not just in blogging but also in life. My friends would maybe not fully understand (even ridiculing) me about how I react to things but I dont mind because I believe that “simple questions need simple answers”, and that’s “a very nice thing”.

I find myself unhappy sometimes because I’m not satisfied with how I live my life, because there are issues that I just cannot deal with and they just pile up on top of each other. I believe this is because there is so much clutter … I just have to sit down and think about what I really need (to do) and what I don’t. Hopefully, this can clear my head up and I’ll be able to deal with them one by one.