After the rainy season caught up with my travels in Southern Thailand, I packed my bags and spent my remaining eight days back in Malaysia.

The highlight of my trip was trekking in Pahang Taman Negara (National Park), known as one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests. Getting there involved train rides aboard the “Jungle Railway,” which offered a glimpse of the natural scenery and life in the rural east coast states of Malaysia.

During the last few days, I found myself walking along the historic streets of Melaka and indulging in local Nonya food.


Malaysia Border Crossing from Southern Thailand

Welcome arch at Sungai Kolok (Thailand) – Rantau Pajang (Malaysia) Border Crossing

Pahang Taman Negara

Wooden boat that took us from the riverside dock in Kuala Trembeling near Jerantut to Kuala Tahan, the jump-off point to Pahang Taman Negara

View of Pale yellow river beaches on the 2.5 hour boat cruise to the park headquarters in Kuala Tahan

Guesthouses and floating restaurants along Tahan River

Taman Negara Jungle Trek

Leisurely trek along developed forest walkways near Mutiara Taman Negara resort

Enjoying the awesome views on the world’s longest forest canopy walk, located in Pahang Taman Negara

I’m surrounded by the forest canopy

Exploring deeper into the jungles of Pahang Taman Negara. I only had enough time to go around the small “day trek” jungle trails.

Lots of giant ants trying to get dibs on my trail food

After heading animal noises on the treetops, I had to stand still to discover it came from a stalking money, who appeared in the distance for a few seconds before scurrying away.

Taking a break beside the more peaceful stretches of Tahan River

Failed attempt to capture lightning streaks during a thunder storm on my first evening in Pahang Taman Negara

Kuala Lipis

Wandered around the shophouse-lined streets and quiet corners of Kuala Lipis for one night.

Novelty Kuala Lipis train station built in 1926

Chinese shophouses along the main street of Kuala Lipis old town

Kuala Lipis Walking Tour

Residency building, one of the grandiose heritage structures on my self-guided walking tour of Kuala Lipis

Railway Bridge built near a scenic bend on the Jelai River

Kuala Lipis moments before nightfall


Huge weekend holiday tourists filling up Melaka Chinatown

Beautiful sunset over the galleon-shaped Melaka Maritime Museum

Peaceful cafes along the Melaka River

Christ Church and Queen Victoria’s Fountain at Dutch Square, Melaka

Melaka Walking Tour

Visiting attractions I missed during the first time I traveled to Melaka.

Main gate of A Famosa Old Fort in Melaka

Dutch Square under the sunset light

Anonymously wandering around Chinatown

Captivated by a neglected old building. Colonial structures in varying state of decay are scattered throughout Melaka City Center

Visiting St. John’s Fort involved a heart walk up a hill

Masjid Selat (mosque) sitting on man-made Malacca Island

Self-portrait in front of a decorative Chinese tea shop

Nonya Food Trip in Melaka

Nonya-style cendul

Capitol Satay celup, cooked do-it-yourself style in thick peanut sauce

Nonya-style Laksa, the best I’ve ever had!

Not to be missed, Chicken rice balls