After an exhilarating experience at Kalinga White Water River Rafting, we traveled for an hour down to Tuguegarao City. It was my second time to visit Cagayan Province. The first time was when I backpacked around Northern Luzon two years ago.

We stayed at Las Palmas Resort de San Jose for some highly appreciated night’s rest. The resort was a great place  to relax and have fun over bonding sessions with Lakbay Norte travel buddies.

Los Palmas Resort - Tuguegarao City - Cagayan Province, Philippines (062954 - 120124)
Poolside area of Las Palmas Resort in Tuguegarao, capital city of Cagayan Province

Las Palmas Resort experience

Located in a residential enclave, Las Palmas Resort seemed like a great choice when on the hunt for a relaxing place to stay in Tuguegarao or an excellent venue for intimate gatherings.

I was quite surprised. Tuguegarao may be a small city (compared to other provincial capitals) yet it also offered a nice range accommodation options.

Las Palmas Resort - Tuguegarao City - Cagayan Province, Philippines (062853 - 120124)
Main building and reception area

Our room, located at the upper floors, had a great view of the pool side area.

The resort had clean rooms decked out with a comfy contemporary design. The overall ambiance at Las Palmas Resort exuded an intimate Mediterrranean feel in a  tropical setting. I loved the cool shade of coconut trees around the area. My most memorable time at Las Palmas Resort, though, was bonding over good food at the buffet dinner and the karaoke session at the bar.

Los Palmas Resort - Tuguegarao City - Cagayan Province, Philippines (063019 - 120124)
Shaded swimming hole and rooms with the poolside view

Sunset Photo Detour at the Buntun Bridge

We made a quick side trip when Christian told me he wanted to take sunset shots beside a body of water. I suggested we visit the Buntun Bridge.

Last time, Me and Eric witnessed a beautiful sunset view at the riverbanks on one end of the Buntun Bridge. It was comforting to see the same picturesque view: the sun setting over the Cordillera mountains, soft twilight colors in the sky, muted colors reflected by the mighty Cagayan river, and the stunning silhouette of country’s second longest bridge.

Buntun Bridge - Tuguegarao City - Cagayan Province, Philippines (180517 - 120123)

I often find it interesting to go back to places I already traveled to. Seeing familiar sights in a renewed perspective, makes me reminisce about how I was first time I came there (my thoughs, my being) and how much I’ve changed since then.

Las Palmas Resort Contact

  • Location: San Jose Village, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines 3500
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +63 078 844 1661 / +63 078 846 8115
  • Fax Number: +63 078 844 8091