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Here are details of the 3-day itinerary we used during our Hong Kong and Macau Travel. It was a do-it-yourself (DIY) trip, so we planned everything and booked the tours/hotels ourselves. We started touring around Hong Kong for the first two days, then
Last week, I and a few friends, most of whom I met at flickr, went photo tripping in Antique province. We visited a few spots in Southern Antique (Anini-y, Hamtic, and San Jose) for a day trip. We assembled at Molo Terminal, Iloilo City where a few van
Here’s some pictures during my trip to Taklong Island in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights last May 1 to 3, 2009 and slept in their large dormitory-type rooms. View of Brgy. La Paz, Nueva Valencia We traveled from Jordan
It was the start of summer and I was dying to set forth on another ultimate adventure, just as I did last year when I visited Caluya Islands in Antique. While I was on my usual rounds of the city, my friend Tara (an excellent  photographer I look up t
Last week a friend invited me to go for a trip to the holy grail of island destinations in Iloilo, Carles, this weekend. We will be staying at Isla de Gigantes Sur for three days and two nights. I’m hoping we can visit most of the tourist spots in the
It was the middle of summer and it had been raining for a week already. I was spending most my time inside my room, staring at the computer all day because the weather outside wasn’t the most inviting. I was feeling bored all week … itching to go out
During the late 1800s to early 1900s, the booming sugar industry in Iloilo paved the way for the migration of affluent families to Negros. These families turned vast idle lands in Negros into Sugar Cane Plantations and Haciendas. Eventually, an interna
Bucari, located in the mountains of Leon, is a summer paradise 3 hours away from Iloilo City. Bucari greatly resembles destinations in Northern Philippines like Baguio and Banaue because of its cool climate and highland attractions such as springs, wat
The first time I’m been to the northerneastern part of Iloilo was less than two years ago. Ever since, couldn’t stop going back to explore more of its beautiful spots and to get a feel of life in the islands. Four days after our graduation, I went back
After the new year, me and my friends thought of visiting Guisi, an upcoming tourist destination in Guimaras. I have been there before but there’s just something about the place that haunts me to go back over and over. Its natural beauty is just superb

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