It was the last day of not only my trip to Baguio but the whole 11-day Northern Luzon circuit tour.

After a short side trip to the Lion’s Head at Kennon Road, I wanted to visit the strawberry fields of La Trinidad along with a few must-visits along the way.

I was back in Baguio at around 1:20pm and was already very hungry. I read raves about the Bulalo at Balajadia Restaurant near the Slaughterhouse.

Decided to “beef up” before heading to La Trinidad, Benguet.

Steaming Bulalo at Balajadia Restaurant

Late Lunch at Balajadia Restaurant

Took a taxi from SM City Baguio because I didn’t want to waste time commuting to Balajadia’s as I was feeling too famished.

The bulalo at Balajadia’s was the best! The steamy and flavorful soup was a divine cure for my hunger. The beef chunks were very tender and flavorful. The ingredients were also noticeably fresh. Balajadia Bulalo had the recipe right for offering a hearty meal with a home cooked feel.

Lunch at this unassuming carinderia (local eatery) was totally what I needed. A serving of their bulalo was priced at P100 … very reasonable for the quantity and quality of their servings.

Also ordered “sayote tops.” I actually didn’t know what they looked like. My curiosity got the best of me again :( I have a habit of ordering “wildcard” choices and end up with weird food. They served me a plateful of these vegetable stems. I was told to dip the stems in vinegar sauce (or soy sauce, I forgot). After a few stems, I had enough of its bitter taste.

Balajadia’s Bulalo (P100), Rice (P10), Iced Tea (P30), Sayote Tops (P30)

Balajadia Restaurant at the Baguio Slaughterhouse Rd.

Balajadia Restaurant was surprisingly easy to find. It was located along Slaughterhouse Rd. right next to a bus terminal, which looked more like a typical covered gym. If commuting, the “La  Trinidad” jeeps passes through Magsaysay Road. The “La Trinidad” jeepneys have a terminal near the Centerpoint Mall in Downtown Baguio. Drop-off at the Slaughterhouse Rd. intersection.

Along the Way to Bell Church

Made a few stops along Magsaysay Road. This road links Baguio City to La Trinidad in the north.

Cathedral Of The Resurrection and the concrete mountains. Baguio is too crowded!

Cathedral Of The Resurrection.


Bell Church

While checking the Google Maps, I noticed some interesting must-visits along the way to La Trinidad.

The Bell Church was conveniently located a few steps from the boundary welcome arch of La Trinidad, Benguet.

The Bell Church is actually a Taoist temple. It was my first time to know of a Chinese temple named as a church … a label closely associated with the Christian religion.

The Bell Church is one of Baguio’s lesser known landmarks. It was a nice place to appreciate Chinese culture embodied in intricately designed structures and landscaped gardens.

La Trinidad, Benguet

La Trinidad is the capital of Benguet Province. The town is very famous for its vast strawberry fields. Tourists are allowed to pick their own strawberries here.

Welcome arch of La Trinidad, Benguet

Benguet Provincial Capitol

Took the jeepney again and dropped off at the Benguet Provincial Capitol. Going up the stairs was a challenge but the view was worth it. I couldn’t imagine working at the capitol and conquering these steep stairs everyday.

Benguet Provincial Capitol

View of La Trinidad town proper from the Benguet Provincial Capitol

Baguio – La Trinidad – Bontoc Road

View to the east

View to the west

Far west

This church caught my eye. It’s not common to see a sizable church built of (what seemed to be) wood. It looked like an old Anglican church borne at the time of the Salem witch trials. After some googling found out that it’s called the Parish of St. Joseph Church in La Trinidad, Benguet. 

Benguet Provincial Capitol facade

La Trinidad Strawberry Fields

Went down the stairs and followed a sign leading to the strawberry fields.

Strawberry Fields Marketing Center.

Strawberry Fail

It was pretty obvious that the strawberries weren’t in season during my visit. I went in the muddy field anyways to take photos. I only saw a handful of tiny tiny tiny strawberry blooms :(

In an effort to get close to these tiny strawberries I unknowingly stepped on a deep puddle of mud. Good thing I was wearing slippers. It was easy to get myself out. The vendors quickly caught sight and began laughing. How embarrassing!

My mind was actually more preoccupied at the fact that I can’t go back to Baguio covered in ankle deep mud. One of the vendors later pointed the CR where I could wash my feet. Another vendor was particularly helpful handing me a bar of soap and offering to pour water while I was brushing my feet :D

Teenie weenie Strawberry bloom.

Strawberry-flavored taho

A couple of stalls outside the strawberry fields still had strawberry fruits for sale. Bought a few packs for pasalubong (P200 for 3 medium-sized packs).

La Trinidad Strawberries