Sneek peak of the gravity-defying Kyaiktiyo Golden Rock Pagoda on my last days in Myanmar. The weather was cloudy the whole morning and most of the afternoon that I was in Kyaiktiyo. Fortunately, the sky magically cleared up at the peak of the golden sunset light.

Kyaiktiyo was one of the highlights of my trip to Myanmar and I was very happy that I included it in my itinerary.

Itinerary Rundown

  • Mandalay
  • Yangon
  • Mandalay to Yangon Bus
Day 1
  • Kyaiktiyo
  • Yangon to Kinpun, Kyaiktiyo Bus
  • Kinpun Hostel Check-in
  • Kyaiktiyo Golden Rock Sunset Tour
Day 2
  • Kyaiktiyo
  • Yangon
  • Kinpun to Yangon
  • Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal to Yangon International Airport
  • Northern and Central Myanmar
  • Indochina Loop

Trip Date — October 2012

Itinerary Notes & Tips

Day 1

Yangon to Kinpun

  • 7:00am – Arrival at Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal, Yangon
  • Walk to loading station of buses bound for Kinpun (5 minutes)
  • Pay for Yangon to Kinpun bus ticket – K7,000
    • A local showed me the way to bus stop for Kyaiktiyo / Kinpun. Kinpun is a “highway town” located at the base of Mount Kyaiktiyo.
  • Buy Siopao (breakfast snack) – K500
  • 7:30am – Departure from Yangon
  • Yangon to Kinpun Bus (4 hours)
  • 11:30nn – Arrival in Kinpun

Kinpun Hostel Check-in

  • Walk to Sea Sar Guest House (right across the street from the bus stop in Kinpun)
  • Check-in at Sea Sar Guest House
    • Single fan room (private TB; free breakfast) – $6 per night
    • Good value though very basic accommodations
    • Laundry (K200 per piece) – K1,000

Kinpun to Kyaiktiyo Golden Rock

  • Walk to pick-up truck terminal (beside Sea Sar Guest House)
  • Lunch at eatery at the pick-up terminal
    • Pork curry with rice and 1L bottled water – K1,800
  • Pick-up truck from Kinpun to Kyaiktiyo (1 hour) – K1,500 per person
  • 2:10am – Arrival at “topmost” pick-up station
  • Walk from “topmost” pick-up station to Kyaiktiyo Golden Rock pagoda temple complex
    • Kyaikhtiyo foreigner entrance fee – US$6
  • Noodles at stall outside temple – K500
  • Ride last pick-up down – K2,500
  • Dinner at roadside restaurant – K2,300
    • Chicken curry, rice, lemon soda

Sleep: Sea Sar Guest House, Kinpun
Day expenses: US$12 + K17,100 (estimate)

Day 2

Kinpun to Yangon

  • Free breakfast at Sea Sar Guest House
  • Buy Kinpun to Yangon bus ticket from Sea Sar Guest House – K7,000
    • Bus company was Win Express. Their office was located across Sea Sar Restaurant. Bus stop was beside the pick-up truck terminal.
  • 10:30am – Departure from Kinpun
  • Kinpun to Yangon bus (4 hours)
  • 2:30pm – Arrival at Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal, Yangon

Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal to Yangon International Airport

  • Taxi ride from Aung Mingalar to Airport – US$8 to 10 (forgot exact price)
  • Early dinner at San Taw Win Food Center across the street from the Airport – K4,200

Day expenses: K14,200 (estimate)

Budget Summary

  • Total Expenses: US$36.4
    • US$12 +K31,300 (estimate)
  • Daily budget estimate: US$18 per day